You Don't Make Us Want To Learn


 I want you to learn it verbatim, you say.

We’re not going to go over it in class,

We read it in the reading.

How are we supposed to learn when you won’t teach us?


Think, you say;

It isn’t too hard.

You do this everyday when you aren’t watching reality TV.

But we are thinking –

We’re thinking our way, not your way.


Your brain is yours,

Our brain is ours.

Our brain isn’t even our brain.

Our brain is diverse, and learns differently within itself.

We can’t think when memorizing statistic equations.


There’s no dumb questions,

Except when we ask you.

Our questions are met with sarcastic answers.

Answers such as “common sense.”

The thing about “common sense” is that it’s common knowledge,

But there’s nothing common knowledge about thermodynamics.


Learning is supposed to be safe.

Learning is supposed to be wanted.

But we don’t feel that way -

You don’t make us feel that way.


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