For Daddy


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You once were my hero
I’d stare up in awe
At one point you cradled me
In daddy-bear paws
In you I found comfort
I had a real friend
But sadly all good things
Must come to an end
You’d think that a girl
Could trust her own dad
To not say things so hurtful
To not always be mad
I try not to think
About cruel things you’ve said
But I can not escape them
They’re engraved in my head
You’ve deemed me the problem
All faults here are mine
But I’m no longer a child
You can’t fool me this time
I’m a good person
And I like who I am
You’re hateful and angry
You’re a miserable man
You could never accept
That your stress is your fault
You bottle hate and blame others
And use verbal assault
You pick out a target
Ones you think can not leave
It once was my mother
And now it is me
There is no more respect
There is no more trust
Those three words that we lived by
Are covered in dust
I try to hold on
As you push me away
But if things don’t start changing
I’ll give up one day
I can tell you this now
When I have kids of my own
Things will be better and different
And you’ll still be alone
I won’t need your advice
And I never did
Because what could YOU teach me
About loving my kid?



Of the content and the style I say awesome. It takes guts to share what you shared and it takes almost as much to try and use the lost art of rhyming.


Thank you very much! A lot of my writing is about my dad because he never wants to read it anyway! Also, I LOVE to ryhme. My biggest influence as a poet is Dr. Seuss. I usually use his meter and rhyme scheme.


I absolutely love how you have used your troubles as the moral and taught yourself something valuable from it. Therefore I say bravo. Your rhyming is very well written, and I find it very interesting that Dr. Suess has inspired you and think that wil definitely be something that will set you apart form the rest. Keep on writing! Becca.


I love it .

The Darcy Perspective

I can totally relate to this and I love love love it.

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