The Man up Front

The man up front, he stands right there,

I'm pretty sure I know him from somewhere,

His silouette, it seems familiar,

And then he fades away.


He's here again, I see him clearly,

I thought he left last year,

No figure this time, or shadow of dark,

Just a letter.


The letter said more than the shadow of dark,

I feel as if it singed a mark,

The words burned worse than any flame could,

He truely hates me, I'm unwanted.


The man up front, still he stands,

Over my head and in my hands,

I still don't understand why I care about him.


The man up front, he strikes again,

Now I know he's not my friend,

This relationship has me splitting ends,

I can't deal with it anymore.


The man up front,

I pushed him out,

I thought he would never go away,

Now I will never let anyone stay.


I closed the door,

It will never open,

I locked it only a few hundred times,

Now I'm stuck forever.



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Mrs. H20House

Nice job Andrew. Has a very nice flow. Nice mark from th Genome as well!

I can't wait to see the rest of your writing!

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