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Nowadays, holding the door for a stranger could be the difference between a normal day and a mass shooting.   Sad, isn't it?
Morning dreams half and awake Messages from somewhere A bright butterfly In a field of dreams  Mostly red and white And the most beautiful Cinematic blue
Welcome to America The land of opportunity The land of the free With “liberty and justice for all”   Innocent until proven guilty
I tremble and shake  The wind blows my mind away The cold climate freezes my brain My heart catches on fire My pants burn with my lies
COVID-19, gotta quarantine! Destroying and killing lives and everything in between You're hidden but not unseen A vicious thing, evil and unclean A vile virus that came from the inner workings of Wuhan
To whom it may concern I think that any Bigotry,  Ignorance, Or prejudice You harbor deep inside should burn.
The land out in the sea Mysterious and hidden  From many who wish to see          A place of triumph    A place of beauty tis it   One of which many wish to visit    
Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses To address the issues of the political injustice in our country.   
  I was only a freshman when I knew That life would be tough, and I had some growing up to do. Although I could hang around til dark catching up with my friends
Your eagle stands proud, Crowing over these brown rubies sprawled. But my boy's in a shroud   Everyone has bowed, Neglecting their duties while their wounds remained raw. Your eagle stands proud.
Red and white and blue Stars and stripes and eagles, too. Root beer and popsicles, hamburgers, galore. A place with choice and opportunity for more. Full of greatness and laughter,
The Bill of Rights- our First Ten Amendments They ensure our Rights and Freedom Limiting the Control of our Government Giving us Powers when we most need them  
We come here in hopes of a new life,we come here in hopes that we'll surive,but we're not welcomed here, we're pushed aside told,you come from the wrong country please leave or die.
America, I don't know where we stand. You make me feel so conflicted, I feel guilty hating the things you do and embody. Manipulation at it's finest. "I should feel blessed to live and be with you,
Dear Grandpa,
Say, can you seethat the world is dyingWhat so proudly we hailedas Manifest Destiny  Was Genocideat least that's where it began. 
America the Great. America the Beatiful. America the Ignorant. America the Hateful.   Something's not right here, I'm losing my mind here. Why is it, a gay man walks down the street
We came to this new world scared, we came in the cold of night lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints on every soil and water way
They tell me education is the key to success the key that will get me out this mess the key that will present me with a new dress, walk and flow about me. Present me as "Doctor" instead of "Mister"
It is not the Land of the Free but the Land of Opportunity. Our Speech, unhinged, becomes our Pride And we leave no problems to hide.   We praise the Phoenix and the Lotus That lie amongst the Land
America is all too great and fine  It is full of journeys and of surprise  There's room for all of us to shop and dine  Boys and girls alike dream to see sunrise   The great America however has cried 
America the great, You need to learn to wait. America the proud, I can't find a humble one in your crowd. America the beautiful, Your eyes are so deceitful. America the free,
All hail the conquering Hero But wait, is this force akin to the ancient Nero? A self interested and maniacal creature, Or a liberator to the oppressed and dismayed?
America The home of the free The home of the brave Devoid of the racists, sexists and slaves Or so they've told us since we were so small
I wander down a long and lonesome road That winds endlessly, Coated with the dust of shattered dreams. With each step, A cloud forms around my feet, And settles on my shoes
Oh, your undesirable acumen If irony was a country  You tell our children that it will be okay  When they are seventeen you break the news Not the awfulness of you The tragedy of being the best in the world  You are so naive You are so ungreat    
How can a country be so pro-life, but take away a sick child's life? We may think that we are the best, but that lie needs to be put to rest. Homeless Veterans crowd the street, that is something we have to beat.
O say can you see What our country could be? What so proudly we hailed Has been desperately assailed. Founded on freedom's hope Now we can barely cope With racism and debt,
Anger, Fury, Anxiety, Rage, Brew upon an open stage Cries for help amass the rumble Diminished survivors stagger, often stumble Evaluating what has happened now Friends and families asking, “How?”
“Can you hear me?” I choke out through jagged breaths  I watch the world I’d once known crumble into ashes as an odious ringing invades my ears all around me is burning but I stood there frozen  “Yes, we hear you” 
A year ago I felt safe and secure, with a president who was pure. Now, I am scared for my life, because our president just wants to pick a strife. That is not fair, I say. Can he please go away?  
With our flags waving And our light ignited We stand before our grave And call ourselves United   Our land, strong and proud Our history, brash and bold But what accountability is hold
Identity war!      People vetted. People gone.           Thought this was our home.
Land of the Free, People sprout in the streets. But what I see, Is injustice everywhere.   The news channels are warped, As they are racists and selective. They play what they want,
America the great? How about America that hates and discriminates Against races and faces We live in a time where our country is divided instead of united  
We are amazing We are free We have been born here and that is all we need to prove it We’ll protect you, feeble ones Our might is strong
The smell of smoke in the air. The morning fog smelled of naplam. Fear, cold anger, across the insurgents face. A figure, shrouded in light and fire, bringing hope wherever they stride.
America the beautifulIt's a privilege to beIt's all because of the people overseasWho died so we could be free
If the colors stay true America will roll through Through thick and thin America has been   On gloomy nights and disastrous mornings we challenged evil  and fought mischief when we could
America is safe, America is free Adolescent, I look upon the flag with my hand on my chest and hear the words The land of the free and the home of the brave
Look how beautiful she is. Look at her dress, how it shines in the light. Look at her nails, painted just right. Look at her hair full of diamonds and gold.
It´s the Land of the free and the home of the brave Yet we are not free when we are bound by hate A mothers heart is torn out when her son is deployed
America, a country built on the blood and bones of those who never got to see the “Liberty and Justice for All”
land of the Free or so we are taught to recite at every event we attend, we recite the same song. growing up military you think i'd see the good but I only see what we are actually fighting for
U.S.A, the land of the Founding Fathers or is it the land of the American Originals? This is the country of extreme responders every decade a new movement the country where I am Free.
"All men are created equal" We all scoff Laugh Because we know this isn't True What is true is Unless you are making the top 1% of income You have Nothing
People come to America in search of opportunity Freedom Independence Wouldn't it be tragic if that wasn't true for everybody?
(This poem is about everything that needs to change in America. It states my views on the world... and with that my poem)   America the Great?  More like America the lame  J Cole said it best 
I'm scared to go into that store with my best friend. I don't like when they follow me around the store Pretending to look at something then casually glancing at me I know I have a purse.
America, O' Sweet America  How you've given me freedom  How you've given me liberty America, your flags are being burned in the streets! America, your name is being slandered across the nation!
America abode to me.  Home to the free.  Never  rejecting me.  Keeping me fed and happy.  My America keeps me free. 
abandon ship please abort!  abort! they don't  want you here anymore    my pathetic mask it screams!  it screams! it is with deep sorrow I must inform you, my previous
I open my eyes and hear the streets of New York City  I look up to see only bystanders filled with pity  My daughter, she wakes up from her cardboard bed  She asks me when she'll be fed  "Soon baby" I said 
What have we become? What in the world has our country done? Leaving us to sit and starve, Our lives they wish to carve.   How do people stand this, The government left with nothing to miss.
I stand with my hand covering my heart, Face the flag and recite the pledge.   I stand for our President, legislators and judges,
'i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america' but that flag doesn't seem to stand for what it's meant to anymore and what does the word 'allegiance' even mean i don't even know how to spell 'allegiance'
At first, i was proud To be apart of my nation We used to be Great I want to believe we are But now I am confused and angered Actions and words are being said and done
In the last light of dusk A bright flame sprouts From the center of the flag That represents a united country   Old glory now represents a dying idea The one of unity
America, America. The land of the free. But what makes us free? What makes us great? Are we so great because of the racial inequalities we face?
O’ America what was your name before they stripped you of your identity? How does it feel with all that blood within your soil?  Does it displease you that people have ruined your good name?
She stands in the harbor and cries All the words are memories Of older times   As a country, we tremble and falter now Let down so many Forgotten our vow  
Upon the guilded statue given to us by a true friend,  Rests a plague so very old by Emma Lazarus,  It states: "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp," she cries,  With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, 
america the brave and beautiful-  america where anything is possible- through all the years of strife and tears we've fought so hard for independence  Why have we become the menace?
My father tells me stories Tells me about Brooklyn bridge under a setting sun When all was new, when he was young Possibility stretched further than the New York skyline
America Built on the ideas for a perfect life Freedom and Equality Holds a bias for those who can plant their seed with a pale complexion   Education
The pristine white stripes represent those who run this great country,The red stripes are painted with the blood of anyone who believes otherwise. 
She's beautiful, independent, and strong.  Many people are jealous of her because of her uniqueness. She's my home...I feel safe around her Her name is America...
America, my beautiful and lovley home You gave me warmth and tranquilty Your open arms and vast lands, filled with big hearts and gentle hands Each day you grow tried and weaker
American pride is wrongfully written its true meaning is hidden beneath zealous jingoism   pride, on a Mohs scale, is a ten
A land founded by thieves.  Are we surprised, That those people succeed.  
America seems too hate  even though putting themselves on a bate discriminating souls, unknown to them. they seem not care.  can you even bare the word free. meanings across the earth change.
What once was pure is now shattered While founded on the means of acceptance You have changed since Commited the opposite of acceptance   We are divided
The USA By Taylor N   The U.S. of A Or the United States of Arses, You know what they say.   Got no respect for ourselves,
Let’s talk about America.   Let’s talk about us and that thing we do when our cabernet tastes more rotten than fermented,
Blank, we start with a few lines Color has no life in this world Soaring white eagles over monochrome pines Black and white clouds swirled Build this world of black and white Nothing is blind in our sight
I grew up being told you can achieve anything you want I grew up being told to love not hate I grew up being told that America is the land of the free
I am proud to be an American I cannot say this is true   They say it’s the land of the free But its men are dying over seas Fighting to protect its democracy For those who discount their right to vote
Where I am not free Where I will stay brave. Where my friends have ancestors That used to be slaves.   Where my vagina is open
I find myself In an unappreciated Unasked for Unhappy position of power That I have been hated for And rightfully so.  
America is pretty great that I will admit. Freedom, justice, liberty We're all entitled to it.    But America is changeable.  We need some help, in fact.  There are many problems we face here.
America— The wonder of the West. The country when, at its worst, is the best. America, everyone’s dream destination, Tell me, what is destined for our nation?   The American Dream has become a nightmare.
I can’t sleep on the fourth of July. Not when fireworks  sound like cracked whips and sparklers glisten  like blood under a streetlamp.  
Forgotten. We've forgotten. We can no longer see. Can we remember who we once were,  and who we are supposed to be?   My country, oh my country,  just look how far we've come;
Thousands of faces the smog blurs empty stomachs moan which soot coated hands cover I'm laying on broken concrete staring at the starless sky they cover my ears so I don't hear their cries
Rolling hills and majestic skies Beautiful faces and even prettier eyes Plentiful jobs and opportunity for all This is the country we've come to love most of all, But people are mad They fight and shout
As the flag goes up Many heads lower downward While it's wave taunts us.   The Americans Aren't all the same people; Quite the contrary.   Some are highly proud
Freedom isn't just the freedom of choice  It's about leaving an impact, with words and your voice Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative Your voice should be heard, that alone should be worth it
I look upon a nation that once was great, But I'm blinded by my star spangled eyes.   I see children, homeless and starving. I see men and women, without jobs or hope. I see the sick and dying,
As the flag goes up Many heads lower downward While it's wave taunts us.   The Americans Aren't all the same people; Quite the contrary.   Some are highly proud
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario In the heat, she cared for seven children.   My grandmother felt prejudice quickly,
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