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American pride

is wrongfully written

its true meaning is hidden

beneath zealous jingoism


pride, on a Mohs scale, is a ten

pride can cut through hate and oppression

it can be stained by war and blood

it still shines the colors of light as reflection


patriotism does not hold the same contradiction

jingoism is manifest destiny

jingoism is social darwinism

jingoism is #whitelivesmatter #straightpride #meninism


patriotism is pride

it is the flowers after the terror

it is in the way we hold our daughters tight, Sandy

it is in the way we kiss our sons’ foreheads, Pulse

it is in the way we squeeze our lovers tighter, Boston

it is the ashes of titans and twins recreated into beauty

it is fireworks


I remember vividly the days I did not pledge my allegiance to a country

i thought hardly pledged its allegiance to me

when colombus and washington’s memories became tainted

when boys i could have known were killed for roaming city streets

their memories are used to build a better future


I choose to remember more the days i placed a hand upon a worn cotton tee

singing songs and laughing carelessly

i see the faults in this foundation, canyons in our soil

we build around these cracks with faith we will not crumble

i am proud to live in this nation

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My country
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