"America The Great"

America, America. The land of the free.
But what makes us free? What makes us great?
Are we so great because of the racial inequalities we face?
Are we so great because the ones we entrust to protect us are the ones hurting us the most?
Are we so great because those wishing to seek a better life are labelled as drug dealing, job stealing immigrants?
Are we so great because one attack condemned an entire religion to death and prosecution?
Are we so great because we care more about who has the biggest military than if our people have clean water?
Yes, America is a “great” nation.
Especially if your pockets are overflowing with money and your skin is as light as paper.
Now I don't hate America.
It is my home.
It is my birthplace.
It is my history.
Generations of movements and advances lead to the life I live now.
A life where I, a minority, can get an education.
A life where I can state my opinion, with few limitations.
But I wish for a better life.
A better America.
One where I don't have to protest to prove science is indeed fact.
One where women can choose what to do with their own bodies.
Where we put more money into eco friendly alternatives than bombing another country.
That is the America I wish to see.
That is what will make us great and free.

This poem is about: 
My country


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