Say, can you see?

Sun, 11/26/2017 - 14:32 -- 1289522

Say, can you see
that the world is dying
What so proudly we hailed
as Manifest Destiny

Was Genocide
at least that's where it began.

We took their land and then
Oh but then we took their lives
To satisfy what?
Look at us now.

We hunt endangered species
for "sport"
"I don't think that'll pay for my college"
"Can I use that on my transcripts"
Yes, let the world know you're a monster

But it's all about you
In the land of the free.

Free for whom?
The empoverished? The homeless veterans?

What a term.
Homeless Veterans.

Where is the home for the brave?
But what a great nation are we!

When an officer shoots an innocent man
he is slapped on the wrist.
But God forbid that someone defend themselves

against Injustice.

Justice for who again?
Who died this time?

"I'll pray for you."
"My God is a Merciful God."
"My God says your God is wrong."
So let them pray the gay away.

Let them beat their children.
Let them shoot up a gay establishment.
But when they're condemed, they're just mentally unstable.

Why are the words of a book held about that of a human?
Why harm them because YOU think it's wrong?

"God said that you are wrong for being alive, not me"
don't worry, King James knows him personally.

In full glory reflected, we killed everything.
We killed the last animal. Blasted a hole in the ozone.
Commited Genocide of innocent people.
Enslaved, tortured, and raped other races.

But we're America. And we are great. Right?

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My country


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