Not My President

I grew up being told you can achieve anything you want

I grew up being told to love not hate

I grew up being told that America is the land of the free

Salvation when there is no light

Hope and beauty when there was only pessimism and filth


In America, we are equal we are loved we are accepting we are hopeful we are united

we are America, only we aren’t.


America isn’t the land of the free,

It’s the land of the enslaved

We are in shackles carved with societal pressures,

Chains squeezing and conforming us to be the same.

But, there are a few that break free.


Protests for what is right,

thrown away and looked over by white old men, who run our lives

Our so called free lives,

are not free.

We are pushed into a corner by the authorities that protect us

Mauled, and killed for the sake of being free.

We are not FREE.


We see color when we shouldn’t,

We see judgement where there shouldn’t be,

We see the hierarchy place men above women,

We see religion and terrorists and assume, where we shouldn’t assume.


We have a President who sees only a white america,

A President who sees division ,

Who believes girls are good for one thing.

A man who can make fun of disabilities.

An animal who bans people from salvation.

A creature who makes fun of culture.

A President who is not a President to me.


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My country
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