America Poem

Where I am not free

Where I will stay brave.

Where my friends have ancestors

That used to be slaves.


Where my vagina is open

For men to explore.

Where he wants to build walls

Instead of open doors.


Where my sexuality is confusion

To those who don’t understand.

Where he’d rather lead a war

Than guide the lost man.


Where my children will be raised

Will live, will die.

Where women are raped

And accused of telling lies.


Where my voice was mute

But I am more equal.

Where the “T” in the rainbow

Has yet to become legal


Where I’m afraid to walk alone

Across the street at night.

Where I’m less likely to be raped

Than to be killed out right.


Where people in blue

Are scared of BLM and kill

And easily turn

Cause they’re glad it isn’t them.


Where I will live until I die.

Where I will not be ignored.

Where I will scream, where I will shout.

Where you will hear my lovely roar.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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