The American Dream

We come here in hopes of a new life,
we come here in hopes that we'll surive,
but we're not welcomed here, we're pushed aside told,
you come from the wrong country please leave or die.
We're told here to admire the American life,
we're told here that freedom comes at such a high price.
We're not liked here, they say run or we'll shoot twice,
we're told that theres no point in us trying to try.

We come across the seas for the 'promise land',
only for them to shove us to the ground and cuff our hands.
What did we ever do to deserve this?
I'm not a criminal stop treating me like it.
We come from war torn countries, broken families and places
where you can't even breathe the air.
We can come from even drug ridden cities but do any
of these 'kind' people really seem to care?
They only care about money not my life,
they don't even think about the millions of innocent that die.

I'm sick of it and done with it all,
why do we build these walls if all they're gonna do is fall?
We cannot connect because we're so afraid,
they're striking fear into us with the sterotypes that they made.
Yet no matter what we do it'll never be enough,
it's like the goverments get joy from watching us self destruct.

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Our world


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