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You learnt to tread  the thread of life, for you knew if you leaned too much
I am not afraid of the waves of suffering.  All that I am afraid of is carrying on with my selfish ways.  Near my grave you will hear the leaves rustling. I am not fully dead, most of me will leave my grave. 
(Dashes equal a beat. The ellipsis is a long pause. A poem wrote at 15/16, then revised.) My life isn’t as bad as it seems, that even in the darkness there are beams,
In the pitch black darkness  I find my light Not one or two or three But many luminescent colors Swirl and morph into shapes and objects Freedom at its finest Inner thoughts emerge
I was withdrawn before. But Now I'm open. Open to the idea of being closed and Lonely. The difference between it All, is what your seeking and hoping. Set yourself to fall then you'll surely be broken.   
Resonant foxes in lush of green The Prometheus espedition consumes Cupid hovers spectacularly spectating The caverns secretly securing alienation   Awaaiting a utopia derived by that familiar
Carelessly drifting My mind on my soul The music takes me away. Desperately seeking My mind on the journey And the thought of finding the way.
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
We were different; We were different before paying bills We were different before heartbreak We were different before going out into the world. The world; A matrix of experiences,
Tall palm trees shimmy in the soft breeze,  Standing tall like soilders, Guarding the colossal college walls. Daunting yet appealing waves wash over me,  As my bold reflection stares back at me,
When I was Five, I was lively and carefree At Ten, I was ready to take on the world Sixteen and Seventeen Made me feel so grown up
Before my very eyes I was driving, On my own path, in my own car, On the road away from home. No destination in mind, Only the street lamps casting shadows
Paternal Nicotine   A man I sit next to in class is cologned with the smell of cigarette It has been so long since I was this close to the aroma of burnt nicotine
Introvert. The person who needs alone time to feel best energized.   Extrovert. The person who needs time with others to feel best energized.   Ambivert.
I'm stuck I'm stuck in a place where forward is scary and the backwards is full of hurt. Where do I go?  There's a little baby sitting next to me on the plane,
I used to spend hours on end perfecting the recipe To a mud pie. Garnished with leaves, sunbaked to a crisp. A gourmet cuisine of ignorance
I used to spend hours on end perfecting the recipe To a mud pie. Garnished with leaves, sunbaked to a crisp. A gourmet cuisine of ignorance
When I was younger I was afraid of growing up I didn’t like the thought of Getting wrinkles, Sunspots, Grey Hair;
When I was younger I was afraid of growing up I didn’t like the thought of Getting wrinkles, Sunspots, Grey Hair;
To overcome is hard For me, the first step was just the start We were standing about twenty feet apart I started walking up to them and they put up their guard
“That smile how do you do it everyday?” “Love” was all she said. The smile that went through hell and back. The smile that has been at a breaking point.
I wonder about you.   I wonder if that smile is genuine, or if you force your muscles To make up a lie.  
Hi I see your confusion and Your delusions Your tears, falling, falling Without reason I see your smile, overwhelming your face Don't hide, find me, let's embrace You write the words 
The day that we met, I thought I was saved. But as we grew, you made me lose my way.  Day-to-day you say you’ll be there for me, that you love me with all of your might. But how can that be,
To the me I never was:   It’s my fault you aren’t here, it is. I didn’t take that turn. I didn’t dance that night. I never tried with him. I never wrote that book.
Dear sylvia plath, kristen stewart, Josephine from my chemistry class, and every other girl I know, 
Dear Makala, As we get closer to graduation I see the worry piling in your eyes. You claim that there is much to do. I always tell you the same thing,  
I got up this morningOn the wrong side of the bed.But it’s okay.I spilled my coffeeOn my new jeans.But it’s okay.I burnt my toastAnd had to settle for just coffee.But it’s okay.
I am hiking a trail With too many bumps. I've tripped many times, Though the path is not steep.   Now, there is a fork In this worn path. Should I go left, or right?
Your name is only whispered in the dark, but I'm not lonely.   Every hello is an unfinished love letter to you, but I'm not lonely.   I spend every sunset without you, 
They tell me education is the key to success the key that will get me out this mess the key that will present me with a new dress, walk and flow about me. Present me as "Doctor" instead of "Mister"
I hate that I feel like we don't connect anymoreThat we no longer talk the same wayI long for the days when my heart was only yoursBut as of late I don't feel the same way
Life is like a revolving door, minutes to days to years and more. At first it's new, pure, and full of love; flying around and free as a dove.
Days uncertain are ahead and behind Had a heartbreak, got up, kept in mind No one holds me, I am free am not I? Life is short, get up, push on, fear is a lie   Past years went by in a flash, now even more
Things have changed a lot from last year to now, I look back and try to puzzle everything together but don’t know how, On Oct 29,2015 I lost a childhood dream,
    Creeeaaaaakkkk kkkkaaaaaeeerC Deep breath Step out onto the sidewalk And breath the fresh summer air
Open your hand, open your palm to show me the land where seeds can root and fruit to trees from which it was bear, and there you will turn to dust, blown back to infinity for you can't enjoy the fruit, but your children can, the outside is to hars
Life goes on,   Friends I’ve lost, And things that have changed.   To a fro, At the cusp of reality, People jump and people leap.   In a brave new world, I change my views,
Turbulent were waters so much so that  it was said to my soul  as it faded near the dead rise, be bold now go ahead strive causing strife within my mind 
The me from before wouldn't have thought she would lose so muchShe wouldn't have thought her grandfather would go to his eternal restShe wouldn't have thought about his ashes being spread by the wind's gustThe me from before couldn't fathom this m
Frost and fragile, walloped by wind, gliding through glades, the dandelions fly and float, with the music of misty meadows. Like my life were dandelions!
As the broken man gets ready for life, the brother feels separated. The providers are proud, and the friends are astounded. Inside the demons are growing. But God stays near while the demons flee.
Calcify me  Make me stay Frozen with you  until you're grey.    We're all just popsicles  on a hot summer's day, anyway. 
Pessimism creeped through every crevice of my soul constantly my head was down negativity had a hold, My mind was a whirlwind of emotions spiraling so deep as if I conceived the ocean,
when the novelty declines. and disappointments are hurled to your face. down your throat. cradling your esophagus and beginning to break your bones. -find a way to breathe
Feel the cold against your skin, The want of something warm to burrow in, Today wasn’t a good day, was it?   I know you want to hide,
Shy to the eye to the ignorance of love. Abandoned, left confused lost in a fantasy. Brought to the top wanting to be the best, life rolls on. In one will come out another goes,
  Every morning I open my eyes, I raise my head towards the skies, I thank God for another day, My soul, yet, he did not take.   I smile at the thought of my future,
Falling again. I take a look at the cruel world. Inside my past is my reality, Forgetting it has become my fantasy. Continue to walk, but might as well give up. My family is looking out for me,
What is life? Is it the way we act? The way we view things? Life is when you find peace. Life is when you feel a sense of calm. Life is when you live.   Life throws things.
Feeling good is a subject. I tend to really neglect. Trying to avoid the things that make me glad. Because most of the things I like are truly honestly bad. I hate the feelings I have when I do the normal thing.
Darkness lurks around me. So much of me is around you, you feel like you're Drowning. I come from the abyss. Go to sleep you might go on an ultimate drift. After I come through shrieks and yells.
We are alive. We still fear life. We fear everything in sight. We fear the darkness and night. Why should we fear when we are alive? As human nature we all have fears. Some bring us to tears.
Little Seemingly insignificant The memories stitch themselves together Like a quilt There are beautiful designs And vibrant patterns That we name the blanket of life Our brains
My eyelids will pull apart because I receive a gift every morning, It is a gift but it is made of skin, bones and muscles, Just like me, With a message I must decode, Although the note however, I could not read,
When I look in the mirror of my reflection, I see just another human being swallowed up in depression. When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? Is the self esteem absentee? Are you only 5" 3'?
life  growing dying life
When I met you I knew it was too good to be true and I was right while I thought gardening is what was bringing us together  it was actually tearing us apart
Standing in line, Waiting to buy a cup of Love, A bull, an elephant and a rhino collide, Brah,brah,brah! Within stomach’s wall.
I open my eye to only be standing at the gates of hell. The sign says WELCOME. The train I rode to get there was going nowhere fast. You want to buy a ticket, what’s the cost you ask?
There are seven wonders, And a thousand beautiful things. Lines to stand in, And people to bring. The pressure is growing as time slips away, Why aren't I growing In this well-traveled lane?  
Rushing, Rushing, Like a train; You can choose to climb aboard But when you reach Your destination, You get off. You get off, But the train does not stop Rushing Rushing
Poetry isn't life. But life is poetry. We don't live in monotone. We laugh, we cry, and we carry on. Living is an art, and we as humans seek to master it.
I live a life of peace. Only harm will come to me. There is no sleep I lie awake not afraid of the darkness but what lives in it. No cradler to behold. The cars full of people push and shove all in a hurry from defeat.
Life Four simple letters A lifetime of opportunity What is life? How do you live it? No one knows really but if you keep trying  you eventually learn Your aren't given a manual 
I was the one That had your back all of these years But something snapped inside I was tired of all the lies   How you'd- Be with me Come to me But   All the excuses
Up and down,  Up and down,  Life has it's ups and downs.  Some consider it a fluke  Some think it as a spook.  Life is bat shit crazy.  Life is like being born wide awake 
Life is interesting, life is good, it shows that you can, when you didn't think you could, It opens doors, it closes them too, yet it always leads to something new, we look at life,
Being depressed as a kid is well, strange. Because you never can see a future. Instead you see the present, and everything that it holds. It holds promise and love and a future for everyone else, but not quite for you.
Up again, Awake and aching for a change, A shift in the vicious circle, Where life takes all prisoner, And leaves nothing but stones  In the ground. Don't make a sound
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
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