Round One??


Crawling away for safety
Only to barely make it
Crawling away from the stares
The hateful,disgusted stares 
That burns the victim
Burns through the thin layer of scarred skin
Burns through the littered flesh
Burns all the way to the soul
Crawling away to safety 
Ducking off just in time 
In time to dodge the vicious stereotypes 
So sharp they cut through the flesh 
Through the flesh to the bare soul
The brutal beliefs
Of you and you 
Of the world
Of you and you
And possibly me
Just barely dodging the painful swings
The painful punches of the tongue
Opinions being thrown 
Thrown like a professional mad man
In a room with only his thoughts
Screams of pain
Wails of agony
The sag of defeat
The drag of limp esteem
The shortness of breathe
Due to the fingers of life
Closing in slowly but thoroughly
Tighter and tighter
Around my windpipe
My only source of survival
Crawling away to safety 
Only to be pulled back
Pulled back by embarrassment
Pulled back by the past
The pain of yesterday
The pain that has seemingly closed the door
Closed the door to the joy of tomorrow 
Pulled back by the mistakes
The foolish mistakes of a silly child
Pulled back by the thoughts
The thoughts that held me 
Held me against my will
Hard against the wall
Fear slapping me around
The truth waiting for its turn
The past getting amped up for its chance
No help in sight
My future passed out to my left 
My present knocked out at my right
No idea of what's next
No idea of what's to come
No idea...
Not a clue 
Is there even gonna be a next 
Or has life won round one


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