Reflections Of My Imperfections

When I look in the mirror of my reflection,
I see just another human being swallowed up in depression.
When you look in the mirror do you like what you see?
Is the self esteem absentee?
Are you only 5" 3'?
Have the bags under your eyes,
Caught you by Surprise.
Are you having a problem with you weight and size?
Is your extra skin saggy?
Or maybe your stomach is a tiny bit flabby.
Then I looked back at my daughter ,
Thats when the tears came running down, and my spirit fight a little harder.
Then I spoke Encouragement to myself and said,
"Negativity and Self destruction, you are dead!"
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
That's what I told her.
Stop trying to let society mold her and control her. Simply love her and walk a little bolder.
Stop trying to recreate who God made you to be.
For he has Made you Beautiful and Wonderfully.
Your Reflection doesn't define you. For your character and spirit do.
The true beauty lies embedded deep within.
Even with the pimples on your face and chin
Embrace and love the skin you're in.
Healing the disconnection
By viewing Reflections of My Imperfections.

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