Mind without Matter

I live a life of peace. Only harm will come to me.

There is no sleep I lie awake not afraid of the darkness but what lives in it.

No cradler to behold. The cars full of people push and shove all in a hurry from defeat.

It began years ago, but caught up with me once and for all. It said "I am here to stay and now you'll go away".

And I a slave of the modern era. The screaming agony of my soul to see my friends and family victimized.

The boiling blood, the sweating palms. I can't speak but I hear my mother scream.

Tears not running but rivers flowing from my brothers eyes. The sound of nothing filled my mind.

I can't do anything, nothing I do matters. No. That's wrong. I'm smart, peaceful, I didn't do anything wrong.

Please belive me.

I don't want to die for you to understand.

The rivers have ceased movement. She screams no more.

The only thing that remains are the ruined lives.

It's peaceful where I am. There is no darkness only sunshine.

I can not be hurt for I do not feel. Oh this is so surreal, BELIEVE me, I have no reason to lie.

This is WHO I AM.

I am BLACK, but that doesn't change the fact that I am human too.

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Our world
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