Lopsided exchange

Things have changed a lot from last year to now,

I look back and try to puzzle everything together but don’t know how,

On Oct 29,2015 I lost a childhood dream,

Wanting to play sports at the next level was no longer in my thought stream,

Dealt a bad hand of a broken bone,

And was forced to spend 3 months in my room alone,

That is when I was faced with reality,

Of growing up and getting a college degree,

Fast forward to February 2016,

I stopped playing sports and began to clean,

My life was scrubbed of things with no meaning,

And that was the point I again started dreaming,

I now wanted to become involved in the medical field,

With all the schooling required, I know what the outcome yields,

Setting up short term goals and as well as developing myself,

I soon became unreserved and couldn’t recognize myself,

I have created more positive friendships then I did in the past,

Close friendships that will surely last,

Going into my senior year I now had a strategy,

To laugh and live happy without any agony,

Last year to this year I can honestly say I changed,

For the better of course, a pretty lopsided exchange,


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