Growing Up Is Scary

I'm stuck

I'm stuck in a place where forward is scary and the backwards is full of hurt.

Where do I go? 

There's a little baby sitting next to me on the plane,

wobbling, moving around, and giggling at the smallest things.

What a restless soul,

He's engulfed by the bright cartoon characters with big ears and high pitched voices,

This kid will learn more than I'll ever learn

Yet, he's enjoying the moment in front of him before life decides to introduce him to the world.

To my right sits my brother.

Turned sixteen recently and is going through the experience of knowing girls.

He knows this girl has done him wront, yet he still went back to her.

What is it that makes him do this?

It's simple: he's growing up.

Soon he'll experience his first kiss and his first love.

He'll know what it's like to go through a heartbreak and be stuck on someone.

He'll soon shed tears over some girl.

But where am I?

I am not a toddler, I know life well.

Too well.

If I cut off everone who might form feelings or hurt me.

Hurt them before they hurt me.

Push them out before I get pushed out.

I'm protecting my feelings.

I'm not in high school experiencing those awkward feeligs.

I'm just here.

Stuck in between being young and having responsibility.

This poem is about: 
My family


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