Joy Comes In The Morning

I got up this morning
On the wrong side of the bed.
But it’s okay.
I spilled my coffee
On my new jeans.
But it’s okay.
I burnt my toast
And had to settle for just coffee.
But it’s okay.
I ran out of feed for my animals,
When I thought I had enough left.
But it’s okay.
My to-do list is growing longer,
With little things I find here and there.
But it’s okay.
My day drags on,
Slower than I’d like.
But it’s okay.
The tiniest things
Have started to annoy me,
But it’s okay.
I didn’t get everything done today,
And will have to add them to tomorrow’s list.
But it’s okay.
I’ve felt sluggish all day,
And am not in a great mood.
But it’s okay.
I forgot a few things
When I was buying groceries;
But it’s okay.
I won’t be able to go
To the theater with my friend;
But it’s okay.
I ended up going to bed 
Later than I planned;
But it’s okay.
I feel overwhelmed,
And I don’t know what to pray.
But it’s okay.

Why is it okay?
Because Psalm 30:5 says,
“... joy comes in the morning.”

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Jan Wienen

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