The Me From Before

Mon, 11/07/2016 - 00:45 -- vally12

The me from before wouldn't have thought she would lose so muchShe wouldn't have thought her grandfather would go to his eternal restShe wouldn't have thought about his ashes being spread by the wind's gustThe me from before couldn't fathom this mess She wouldn't have thought that her abuelita would get sickShe wouldn't have to watch her mother's depressionCancer can be such a prickFor giving her family such a burden The me from before wouldn't have moved forwardShe would close herself off and become a huskBut now she doesn't have to be so torturedShe has those who will help her from dawn till dusk She finally has what she always wanted, supportShe found friends who will listenInstead of trying to retortFriends who help lift her emotional burden The me from before would be lost right nowBreaking her mentality with trapped emotionsThe me now is making it through somehowUsing the help provided by her loved ones

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