Feeling good is a subject.

Feeling good is a subject.

I tend to really neglect.

Trying to avoid the things that make me glad.

Because most of the things I like are truly honestly bad.

I hate the feelings I have when I do the normal thing.

What am I supposed to do I'm just one human being?

Let me tell you something of what makes me feel good.

I love to hike being outdoors and looking at the sky.

But now a'days I'm 17 I'm supposed to drink and party and throw my life away.

Honestly, I just don't see the downplay.

Wanting to make something of my life. 

I'd like to say I have quite a strife.

Feeling isn't what makes you happy.

It's about how the others around you feel.

You think that you're at the top of this Ferris wheel.

Nah you at the bottom I told ya you see.

Now I'm at the top being happy like I'm supposed to be.

Making my parents happy and proud.

How do your parents feeling knowing you thugging around being avowed?

Don't even try to argue It's your life you can't do what you want.

But just think about this poem next time you hit a blunt.

You'll probably have to search this next part up.

Because you didn't pay attention in class,

because of the night before you were sipping from a red solo cup.

Commencing this up like a conflagration 

Devising you think this much might even give you a contusion

The Illusion that the ebullient of your lifespan might give you the wrong thought.

Think about your future and amend your wrongs and stop this onslaught.

Wanna know what feeling good really is it's helping others know they can make a change.


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