2015 Everything is Awesome Scholarship

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Tick Tok Rise and Set You’ll never know Who you just met   Pinch yourself, wake up You won’t escape us It’s what forms us
When the dark nights grow darker tgan the darkest of souls,Light a bright light that lights all the hearts abright. When the prickly thorns prick on your stubby li'l toesRise above 'em and pluck out that lovely red rose
To be honest…… The most amazing thing I could say about myself is…. Okay! I see you’re impatient but I love the suspense! The fact that I have ADHD completely rocks my socks.
Remember that time you fell off your bike, And the neighbor saw you and asked if you were alright? Then you proceeded to pretend you hadn't injured your rear end, And got back on your bike and started riding again.
Senior Year sucked.Broken spirits and broken exesCutthroat academics and cutthroat schoolmatesMistakenly jealous and mistakenly focused We forgot how to careI forgot you stood there 
Words are funny, sometimes.   It used to be that "awesome" and "awful" meant much the same thing. The kind of thing that, well--  
There is beauty all around us In people young And those whom time has made old. Even in things unpleasant; They can place us on the right road. Though no path is the wrong one, Some are a better fit,
You know what is awesome? The heat in the summer  The changing leaves in Autumn Nature's beauties surround us However, we may have forgot about them Amazing creatures that share this planet
See my wrinkles as evidence that I have laughed. See my failing eyes as evidence that I have seen the world. See my labored breath as evidence that I have inhaled all I could out of life.
Through years of sorrow and so much pain I thought I’d never see the day When everything changed
I want everything to be awesome, I want my loved one to be handsome, My education to be wholesome,
When I was little girl. I would often have my eyes closed. My father thought that I closed them because I was ready for a nap. My mother thought I had allergies. My brothers thought I was crazy.
I stare at my paper Glaring at my score as if it will get better Wishing that the pain iv'e been through would hopefully shed light onto this that this can make it feel worthwhile so i won't feel ridiculed
What a world it is for me, I 've over came so many things. From abuse, to fights, to yells, and doubts I am amazed to say I''ve come around. 
I love you for the way you look at me When you hold me I never want to let go You left for the military about a year ago I only get to see you about twice a year now
Big eyes Epic battles Adorable outfits Zany people   I'm filled to the gills with them And frankly, I'm fine with that. I'm glad to be the queen of them
As I press my pen to paper Allowing the ink to spill along the page New feelings begin to come over me As if I'm becoming the real me Any worries that are filling my mind Like what project is due today
That you're awesome.  The way you always nap at 4:30 in the afternoon the way you get really really happy about a full moon the way you get cranky if you don't get to eat 
There’s something glorious about being a woman Like the feel of Saturday mornings when you don’t have to go anywhere And the sky is painted with lilacs and periwinkle and you wonder “Why do I ever go to Sunday school
Clinking glasses, laughing voices, the human warmth surrounds us all, food with friends is nourishment of the soul, drinks with lovers give life to creativity. Life is awesome
You wanna know something about yourself? yes you, reading this poem, expecting some la dee dah. You write your own story             your own choices             your own life and you know what?
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
Everything is awesome.  Everything is awesome when you see it as awesome.   
When I feel alone
The melody is soothing; The lyrics are moving.  The bass is booming! Music is awesome!   It helps you through times; The music has funny rhymes. The intensity climbs! Music is awesome!
The melody is soothing; The lyrics are moving.  The bass is booming! Music is awesome!   It helps you through times; The music has funny rhymes. The intensity climbs! Music is awesome!
Mistakes clutter my past in piles of trash. Like shattered glass in overgrown grass— Though not apparent at a first glance, Whenever given the slightest chance My mistakes will rudely raise their voices
I've seen volcanoes erupt and ocean tides change.
One, two, three, four two, two, three, four Keepng count of the measures as the beat carries on. Pain shows happiness is heard, many emotions portrayed in the piece being played.
Life descends upon us unawares living is a beauty so beguiling   As a human subject to her whim how could you not embrace her smiling?   To awaken with such potential
Life- the Wondrous, Awe-Inspiring Phenomenon The earth is full of awesome things It’s such an overwhelming, astonishing place. Canyons, Oceans, valleys and peaks
Dive into it, fall deeper and deeper, watch as the leaves wisp by, covered in honey light, moving through the wind like coordinated dancers. Feel the heat; absorb, consume,
One day I met a beautiful rainbow. "Will I ever be happy?" is what she thought. You see, this rainbow had been through a lot. "Every raindrop is a lesson well-taught". She did not know what she sought, until one day.
Awesome isn't shiny things and all the joy that shiny cars may bring Awesome is the simple things   The things like good morning texts and I love you so I waited for you. Awesome are the words that
He, She, and Everything in Between
There is a woman whose smile can brighten the darkest room
He thought the sky was falling, And i felt it shatter ever day as the sun was setting, She landed on my eyes, we always fall together She blushes as the sun is put to rest,
The squawking of the seagulls the calmness of the waves  seashells shining gracefully  in golden sunlit caves.   The shakiness of sand, beneath the frollickers' feet,
Everything is awful... Went to college for three years straight ... including summers Wasted every weekend studying for exams Broke my pelvis in a car accident Lived with roommates who drove me crazy
A is for amazement as  W is who what where, while E can be everything and S is so beyond compare.
When you don‘t know whether to hide Or to run Or to scream When it becomes too hard to risk
When You...   When you close your eyes, what do you see? Do you imagine standing next to me?
Capturing that something, in that moment,
One word… Then the galaxies and the planets spread across the vast universe and the stars found their place in the cosmos One word…
Oh, the places we go  I've been to many states but I will forever be drawn to New Mexico  I grew up here and seen it all  The mountains are the color of watermelon at sunset
Whether the sun is out or the sky is gray If I'm with my friends or alone all day, I realize I'm awesome in my own way, Life is awesome, hip hip hooray! Sometimes I feel sad,
Autism is Awesome Autism brings negativity and ignites your creativity Autism can bring you down and Autism can lift you up Autism brings challenges but Autism creates hard work
A warm pair of pants on a cool winter's morn; Weekend at the lake house with a great set of friends; Earning that first paycheck for a hard day's work; Sewing quilts for the homeless out of your own goodwill;
Your harsh words rain relentlessly. There’s no shelter when I’ve let down every wall.
Here is what is incredibly and unbelievably awesome, my best friends. But when it comes to my friends awesome doesn’t quite get the job done. Its words like extraordinary, remarkable, and astonishing that describe my friends.
A whole new world Gently hurled The future sparkles with the stars Wide open space with bars Opportunity, possibility, life and death ...Just focus on the breath
Here I want to write about a galaxy.  I want to paint a picture with a slim-tipped brush on the inside of your mind.    It will have milky skys and dark summer nights  and holes in mysterious places. 
There is light and then shadow, silhouettes of darkness, For life shares these disasters our minds cannot harness, I tell you this glass that is told half full, That it is full indeed with body and soul
Don't worry about Tomorrow, just worry about Today. Don't worry about Tomorrow, that's what they always say. Yesterday I had my troubles, and tomorrow is my victories,
I dream of a day where freedom is tangible. The fallacy in believing this taxed and restricted freedom Freedom with limitation is no freedom at all. Enslaved by means of a psychological militia.
I went to the counsler they asked me what i wanted to be what i wanted to do "this is your future" they say but they never ask "Who" sometimes what you do isn't who you are a lot of times its hard:
Awesome (adj.) 
My scrubs are freshly pressed My hands are washed and cleaned I’m ready to take care of my favorite little ones But first I must make the Dean’s   List of things to do To make my dreams come true
Every morning the golden sun rises And every night the same sun sets In between every crackle of light, there is something left Behind that you may have missed.  
We can find the awe in everything
I reach the bottom floor and turn west, toward home. If I hurry, I’ll make it back before the kids, and Karrin’s lethal words can question the hickeys, burning like Red Stars.   
The tears well up for there’s nothing I can do, “I am worthless”, I think,  I can’t even breakthrough, The tests that I have failed and the goals that I’ve missed, I suddenly remember it all,
 You have to take the bad things and turn them into good, 
Everything is awesome, even if it's not, yes it is.  So much has happened since the foundation of this world  So much that the days seem gloomy  Thinking too hard turns you into a looney 
I sit here waiting,wondering if the time is near. The time when he can no longer take the words from your mouth. Words that twist like daggers in his soul, thrust from hands that never thought twice.
Why do you hate me? Why are you so mad? That is so sad, you want me to fail so bad. I make moves that are prominent  Your words are so clamorous. And your apathetic & I think that's it's pathetic.
They want the old me because I am to advanced  I don't regret the set backs , even though it's not in the plan. Driving ahead but my mind is stuck in the past Feeling trapped like how a genie gets stuck in a glass.
Life it's just life Life is a journey, a story, a purpose Life is for the rich the poor Life is for the believer and non-believer Life is a stage for every human to perform differently
I woke up this Friday morning and thought, "everything is awesome" Misty clouds grew gray overhead and rain water fell from the sky Drops of dew covered my garden and caused my roses to blossom 
The rays of light crept through the blinds. Each ray travelled a seperate path.  One particular ray came my way. It peeked under the blanket. It took me into a warm embrace of hugs and kisses.
What a wonderful thing it is to know light from dust. To know plastic from purgatory.
For Auria:    Momma always told me not to judge a book by its cover,
All my friends last year were awful they used me and abused me then tossed me to the side and all the stress this year is undeniable Like a bag of breaks weighing down my spine
Everything is Awesome..
I hope you look in the mirror one day and stand tall and proud with your wonderful face  and beautiful eyes. I hope you look at yourself with so much love that the world around you can feel it radiating 
Horses are just what makes life liveable.
Happiness inside this circle.
Laughter is crying From the mouth instead of the eyes A constant reaction Carried by the human nerve Sort of a chemical reaction in the mind Solved by society's viewpoint of life Humor is sadness
In a world that is fraught with war an
I am what you call a loner, a nerd, a person who isn't so.. into herself. He is.. different. He is so much more than different, at least to me.  
You, my friend, can be an everyday hero. You may not know this, but you have powers. Well not like a the ones you see in the comics and movies, But you still have powers that really matter.  
It's awesome when   you still love your mother
I'm awesome. At least that's what everyone else seems to say. What happens when all except my "awesome" self Can be suggestive to view me this way? Constant, consistent, continuous compliments 
Many people have said, “Life goes on.”
Every day Life deals us a hand
Everything is awesome. That is quite true. Everything is awesome. Just like me and you. We are all awesome in our own way. We are all awesome, you can tell by everything we say.
Life is awesome The day breaks, my body aches My vertebrae fuse, my limbs hurt to move Infusion treatments in store Whoa is me at seventeen Do I have to get out of bed?  
As I sit here writing this, A cube of red substance sits on my arm. The slippery, liquidy solid, That came from dust and water. The wondrous fluid that holds its shape.
Beginning in a world young and new, that is awesome. Growing up learning and understanding what you can do, that is awesome.
"Baseline," the lady yelled We ran to the line to begin practice  The sound of the whistle rung our ears and we sprinted to the other side and back
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