Three Musketeers

Here is what is incredibly and unbelievably awesome, my best friends.

But when it comes to my friends awesome doesn’t quite get the job done.

Its words like extraordinary, remarkable, and astonishing that describe my friends.

I have a lot of friends now, from my past, and surely more in my future.

But in the here and now I have two friends who keep my ventilator switched on

We like to call ourselves the three musketeers, and so did the rest of our high school.

Sleepovers, movies, dinner dates, boy talk, gossip, prom, we do everything together

I can count on my girls to hug me when there are stupid boys in my life, give me pep talks when I’m gloomy and hit me with some ***“real talk” when my head isn’t screwed on strait.

Not only are these girls there on my bad days but they are the girls who make my good days great

They make me laugh until my stomach hurts, take me on wild adventures that are worthy of story books, and are the best cuddle buddies on the entire planet.

I have known my best friends for 4 years now and I hope I know them for many more to come

The worst thing about me and my best friends is that we are all very smart, so smart that we all are going to super great colleges in super different locations.

The next four years without my best friends are going to be extremely rough.

I have faith that we will all say connected at heart even if we do loose contact for short periods of time.

And that is possibly the most awesome part of our friendship, but remember “awesome” is not enough.

So that is the most extraordinary, remarkable, and astonishing meaning of our friendship.


***Real talk: giving straight up, not watered down, advice/comments on one’s poor decisions in life. A phrase coined by my friends and I. 

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