Fire Rescue and Fairy Castles

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 20:09 -- F.L.

Everything is awesome. 

Everything is awesome when you see it as awesome. 


Everything is what you perceive, whether you determine your perceptions or not; whether your reaching-for-the-good-in-life fire rescue force is force-pumping it in your brain or not.


Everything is awesome when your brain is cooperative; you can exercise until you feel as though you'd never felt pain in your life, as though loss is a fanciful idea locked away in a storybook's castle.


Everything is awesome when you can genuinely smile. Smile, and congratulate yourself on your inherited resilience, for your coordination, for your outreaching arms, even as your brain happens to feel resilient, even as your balance system happens to be in order, and even though your arms happen to be the crossroads of genetics and exposure.


Everything is awesome when you can remember. When all you can remember is the laughter and warmth. The cool springtimes of the year reaching into summer. You can remember every ballet scene you've ever watched, when your head is a kaleidoscope of vividly happy memories. You can remember that feeling awesome is awesome. 


Everything is awesome when you can forget. When you can forget the things that, in this poem, are forgotten. 


See, this poem is a refuge. A little world unconnected to worlds of struggle. Your world, my world, their worlds. Of course, it takes some suspended belief, but here you can be as free, as beautiful, and as loved as you can imagine possible being. See me however you wish. 


I nod to those who struggle to find the awesome, in everything they do. You are not they, and I am not I. In this moment, I feel you, and we are we. Do you feel the strength? Can you connect to this? This is your poem. 


I will love you should you feel how awesome life is, and as always, yours truly, I will love you should you not. Even if you push back this screen, and scoff at the possibilities, I will love you. 


I understand. 


Everything is awesome when your genetically determined wash of chemicals call for it. That is where you can truly be grateful. When those chemicals tell you it's fantastic, you can stretch to the sky, and love the exhilaration that is being alive, and people can relate to you. 


So don't feel badly if you don't feel it. Because after all, the only way to feel awesome, to know everything is awesome, is to feel everything is awesome. 


Just imagine, just once, that your brain is blooming with all the feel-good chemicals. For these next few lines, just pretend. 

Pretend you can remember the sunsets, the sunrises, the breaths of fresh air you've breathed in. 

Pretend you can remember what feeling alive feels like, and what it feels like to be unfettered. 

Pretend your arms are outstretched and reaching for the best in life, and that you can feel it. 


Everything is awesome when you can whisk yourself away. When you can whisk yourself to a mental place, a fantasy world, where you suddenly control your own destiny. When you can open your eyes, and be free. Stand up for your life. 


That sense...that sense when you are feeling...that everything is awesome... awesome.  

And yes, I agree, in that sense...

Everything is awesome. 

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