Amazeballs, totally Awesome Sauce!

To be honest……

The most amazing thing I could say about myself is….

Okay! I see you’re impatient but I love the suspense!

The fact that I have ADHD completely rocks my socks.

A lot of people consider it a bad thing!

They may even find me to be outlandish

Because my brain will begin to wander

But it’s my favorite thing about myself because it’s me entirely

I can think creatively and express myself appropriately

But friends aren’t always of plenty

But when I find friends

We have a blast together, overwhelming with ecstasy!

Although my emotions are excessive

And I am frequently misunderstood

it only deepens my passion for things

Which keeps me convoluted!

There are times when I seem unstable to others

Cause I change my mind quiet profusely

But I cannot see any negative in it

In fact, I enjoy creating options, more than many

It keeps my creativity bright and entertained!

Instead of keeping the stigma of overwhelming friendless weirdo

I am completely honest with myself, inspired to be a Hero

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100%  identification towards this poem :) Thank you so much!

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