Two Sides

Tue, 06/28/2016 - 12:46 -- BroCal

Tick Tok

Rise and Set

You’ll never know

Who you just met


Pinch yourself, wake up

You won’t escape us

It’s what forms us

It’s what shape us


It will get to your head

The in-submersible man staying up in bed

Listen Close

“Free will is an illusion”

So you’re behind those bars

That’s the end

That’s the conclusion


But why?

But why?

Observe your past

Look into the sky


Don’t be fooled by the light before your eyes

Are you to go beyond the limit?

Will you stop below the skies?


No, the limits right here

It’s right here my dear

Didn’t you get the signal?

From wood and kindle?

It’s right here my dear


It’s something you’ll never forget

Rise high

Will your sun set?

So let your fox run

Let it dig holes and forget the sun

Don’t wait to the end of a gun

You can’t sit down

Get on the ground

Cause it’s time to dig another one


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Our world
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