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I wrote a poem once about how you need to break To truly shatter if you ever want to learn to put yourself back together again Because no mosaic is built without first becoming broken pieces
Every night my mind plays melodies From a song I haven’t quite learned yet Perhaps I never will But she also weaves thank you letters   Thank you’s for all the people in my life The ones who left me
It was all a relief,   I don't have a sentence to describe the feeling of   belonging to the word "we"   
after all you have done to hurt me  i wish you nothing but peace and the last thing you will ever get from me
I thank you Lord, for all the blessings you give The grace you show us every day that we live I thank you Lord for the earth, sky, and sea For the beauty we see in these wonders were created by thee
  Thank you, for loving me, For asking how I am, You made me feel important To feel like I just, can.   Thank you, for the opportunity,
the constant fights they have to stop I'm tired of sitting here with my mop here to wipe your tears at your command you don't put in mind my need or demand   I'm always in the middle
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Thanks. For everything. I appreciate you, and what you do for me. And I love you for that. (Seriously!)
Before I found theatre, I was depressed,  dysphoric,  dispondent.   I began with acting. I dived in headfirst. I had finally found a place where I belonged.   
A pilot thanks his plane for flying A sailor his ship for sailing My vessel is my school My brain has become my tool I'd like to thank my education For fueling my aspiration.
O expectations, what a blessing in a curse You taught me to want more from myself   Without you, I'd be feeling so much worse No longer just a bland book on a shelf  
My hair stands My body shakes from its cold breath It meets me around every corner And it makes me long to learn more from it It is fear.   Fear has made me want to learn more about my past
Eyes full of wonder a new world awaits but soon the light  begins to fade   Trapped in thought in constant fear burrowing deep into my mind   I find myself  in a hole
Father of mine, all you have done Ever since I could remember All the days, all the fun From Jaunrary to December   Your time and your love Your sacrfice and your time
Orange, white, black, and brown, I know you won’t let me down. Round, fluffy, chunky monkey, Why are you always hungry? Playful, smart, clever, beauty, You are my splooty booty.  
This is an open letter to all those who came before me.      To those who paved , built , and walked through the perilous path of life before me.
To the one who has taken care of me my entire life I want to thank you To the one who stuck by my side  I want to thank you  To the one who worked so hard to make sure we always had a roof over our heads
I stare at this blank page, Pen in hand. I wonder how far this pen will take me. See the problem is the pen can't erase  the past. A pen can make it go away.
Dear Mom and Dad, Thank You. For all that you do.   I know I can be difficult, But thank you for your patience.  I am so eternally grateful to have you both.  
Dear Teddy,
I’m writing this poem about you Because I love you But everything you do for me Is because you love me   Thank you for being my friend Thank you for being there for me Thank you for being kind
I'm thankful for love,  Thankful for life. I'm thankful for heaven above and thankful for time. I'm thankful for smells, and the song of the birds. I'm thankful for health,
To the sky so blue,  the grass so green, the lavender whispering in the summer breeze. The laughter ringing down the hall,  And Grandma's voice on the phone, The smell of homemade cooking,
Dear Lord help me see, In you I find a way to breathe. Lord help me to know, Beyond a doubt I'm not alone. Savior help me to feel, That your love for me is real. Savior help me to hear,
In a world full of noise, you are my music.When I was dropped by the wayside, you gave me hope.In a dark world, you are my light.When I was cold, you warmed me up.Even though I go against your word, you still wish me luck.While I was falling down,
In the moments of understanding or not   Listing the moment from being blind   ?What does it matter in end of the day  
We all begin as lumps of clay Shapeless Colorless Full of potential   I was a small lump But I knew what I could do I knew I had so much to offer And with that thought, I grew  
Of all the people I have met over the years You seem to stick on my mind after a few beers You have a good head on your shoulders and a pure soul to your name I hope one day that I have the same
Thankful Many people wonder this when asked what are you thankful for? and the question runs through you head and he answer is infront of you the answer is everything that you have that you value
Thankful Many people wonder this when asked what are you thankful for? and the question runs through you head
Four years ago was Mom's last Thanksgiving.Just one year later, she was no longer living.I wasn't as thankful for her as I should've been.Back in 2012, I didn't know that she'd never be celebra
Thanks God for letting me wake up today.Thanks God for letting me live another day.Thanks God for letting me have food and not to suffer from starvation.
I thank My Lord for pain. For, it's the ache that add perfection to this love in me, for you. #cinquain
Eyes wide And stinging With tears Feeling so light And heavy Without fears Warmth growing And fertilized By thanks And gratitude And a smile Quiet but there
Black Veil Brides, The band that saved me from myself. I had lost my passion for music and life, As I was devistated by the world's devices. It was their music that reminded me... It's okay to be different,
YiN & yANg   You cannot Control what plays on T.V. channels   But you have a remote Control to change the channel.   Recalling the imprisonment from harsh shackles  
I don't say much except  Thanks for the juice I don't need much except Thanks for the juice Proof is written in the stars Thanks for the juice The drive to survive and what's fuel inside
If I were lost on an island Stranded all alone I would not ask for food Or even my phone I would ask for my mother Because she’s all I need.
They say That two is company, and three's a crowd I don't quite feel the same.  No matter the amount, good friends are priceless, Whether wild or tame. My lifelines are my friends and family.
your pale white skin peppered with maroon dots, their brown blue tones stand out against the alabaster flesh. a tangled mess of loose red curls pours over your shoulders,
Thank you, Jehovah for giving me such a wonderful mother.Out of all of the women you could've given me for a mom, I'm glad that you didn't choose any other.You gave me such a terrific mother, she was so special and unique.
I've started saying Grace, I thank Jehovah for my food.I didn't do that in the past but I've changed my attitude.Jehovah didn't have to give us taste buds but he wanted eating to be a pleasant experience.
Jehovah God likes it when we thank one another.It brings him a lot of joy when we thank others.When somebody does something kind for us, we should say thank you.
i can be alone; i have been alone for quite some time; it’s fine, i will be  alone, but don’t worry.
Everyone needs someone to share in other words, your other pair   May be your sister, mother, friend or daughter the one that will bring you joy and laughter  
there were peoplein your lifewhosaved youfrom drowningand you have tothank themfordoing everythingthey couldthere are otherswho willslap youright
thank you for this life
To whom it concerns, Have you a clue what you did for me? All the great memories I have just because of you. Never did I expect someone to impact my life as much as you have. Keeping me happy must've be your job
As people say I am not I look around and find an empty lot I try not to worry for they never understand My gift and duty I have on hand.
The girl you see before you now, is not the girl i've always been I owned one pair of shoes, that i promosied i'd never lose my hair was long, but hardly ever done, while in school I was always number one,
Thanksgiving is a time to share A time to care A time to spend with family A time to have cheer A time for football A time for turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce For pumpkin pie and no goodbyes
You always looked at the bright side, Even on the gloomiest days. You taught me to adjust to the tide, Yet, stand firm in my ways.
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
Bullets through the window, Betta get down quick.
                                         It's easier to be myself in a room full of masquerades.
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
I can't hate him I love him But resentment is building Harder to conceal Holding this hot potato hurts my hands It hurts like "man what happened to the plans" It's hurts like "damn!"
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
i want you to see the scars on my skin the wounds youre responsible for i want you to witness my blood an my pain and my nights spent alone on the floor   i want you to watch as the sharp razor glides
In December I see a Christmas tree in our living room
     Jr.High. Through the halls, head held high, making fun of kids of many types. Just for fun? Just for kicks? I couldn't really tell you why.   The laughs I got, for rude comments I made,
Thank you teachers for the teachings of men Who died long ago for their ignorance and sin. Thank you teachers for the power to think But I do not partake of the cup that you drink.
You think the world revolves around you, as most college professors do.  Really? Hell, I have a lot more things on my mind than your class. Tutoring. Eating. Working. Surviving.
Her tone frightens me As she spouts equations at the speed of sound My pencil furiously marks my paper With numbers and letters   If she hears the tapping of a pencil
I live in a middle class family. My father has spared no Expense for my siblings, but I will be the first of his  Children to go to  University. Still, he won't be helping me at all with 
Coming to school to teach us lessons, Makes us learn the different connections, We have attended school for 13 years, It makes me wonder what grinds your gears, Very few students value their work,
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As Christmas approaches, And you sit by the tree, You look at the presents and wonder, "What more could there be?
As Christmas approaches, And you sit by the tree, You look at the presents and wonder, "What more could there be?
I am thankful for having a car, when there are people who have to wake up awfully early to take a bus or walk miles and miles to get to work or school.
Dear mom, Thank you for your guidance Thank you for your smiles I am sorry for my defiance But why won’t you let me go 1000 miles?
Many have forgot what happened Going day to day living like nothing ever happened Failing to remember what sacrifices where made So that we could use the same fountain as someone of different pigment
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