It Wont Be This Way Always

The girl you see before you now, is not the girl i've always been

I owned one pair of shoes, that i promosied i'd never lose

my hair was long, but hardly ever done, while in school I was always number one,

I was top of my class in middle school, but that still didnt make me cool,

I was not like the others because my teeth wasnt staight, and my clothes werent the best

home was no better, I lived with my dad who is disabled didnt really have enough money to afford cable

nobody ever took the time to know me, they one knew what they could see and that was little ragadey me

I would sit and cry alone at night, because in the day I held it all in,

until one day my teacher pulled me to the side and said " it wont be this way always, just continue to do what Yasmine does best" I asked her "and whats that?"

She replied "Yasmine You're beautiful and never let anybody telll you else wise, you're smart you dont even look over your study guides, I look to you when I ask a question because I know you know the answer, while all the other kids get mad and suck their teeth, dont' you worry youre different trust me I can see."

I started to view myself a little differntly now, I was a little happier that because I know somebody noticed me and that talk with my teacher filled me with glee.

I decided to never let anyone bring me down, but instead to stick around!

I sat down and talked to my dad and told him not to worry his little girl has built some courage.

You dont have to worry about me crying at night, ill be alright I have something that a lot of kids dont I have people who believe in me and want me to succeed.

I was 14 when I told me dad that, now i'm a freshman in college with the career path of becoming a Pharmacist.

I know my dad is very proud of me because I just called home and told him I have 4 A's and 1 B.



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