Duality (love, hate. hate, love. grace, disgrace.)

I can't hate him
I love him
But resentment is building
Harder to conceal
Holding this hot potato hurts my hands
It hurts like "man what happened to the plans"
It's hurts like "damn!"
Of all the fish in the sea
You caught the one I lost

I can't love her
I hate her
That lying betrayer
That Judas abuses
Go back to your noose
You twisted the truth
That's wicked man
You wicker man
You witch
You bitch
And then you switch
You love me till he wants to change
And then you change to your usual ways
A wreck, I'm stuck in rainy daze

I can't claim him
I'm the one who hanged him
I tease him I beat him
And he goes on saving me by grace through Faith
And I'm like God go fuck your grace
My election was a waste
Perseverance of the saints?
It's s get out of jail free card
You retard
Thanks for heaven now let me be God.


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