Before, During, and the Future

Before I found theatre,

I was depressed, 




I began with acting.

I dived in headfirst.

I had finally found a place where I belonged. 


Shortly after I began listening.

I discovered the beauty of the lyrics

And the allure of the story arc.


My life was on the stage.

I  lived under the lights,

I could only breathe when I was someone else. 


As I delved futher into the theatre world

I noticed changes in my life offstage. 


I was making more friends,

I was trying harder in school,

I was making an effort. 


Theatre gave me motivation,

something I had been distinctly lacking. 


As much as I loved the stage,

At the end of my sophomore year

I discovered an even greater passion. 


My passion is writing.

Even though I love portraying someone else´s story,

I realized, the story I needed to tell my own. 


During my sophomore year,

I got my first opportunity

to write and stage my work. 


I wrote from the heart.

I wrote to share a measure of myself.

I wrote to make people feel.


I was overhwelmed by this experience. 

I could not contain my love.

My love for telling a story through my art. 


I had found a treasure trove of hope.

A hope for my future,

A hope I had never felt before.


Months later,

I found the perfect college.

A place where I can study what I love. 


Theater has completly altered my life.


Theater has given me true friends I will hold in my heart forever.

It has given me a goal to reach and the motivation to work for it.

It has given me a new life. 


I will never be able to thank 

all the wonderful writers,

whose words have metamorphasized my life. 


I will try to repay them

With my own words.

I will try to make something,

that can influence someone else,

like all these words have influenced me. 




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