Can't Complain


Bullets through the window,
Betta get down quick.
Cold nights with no heater
This brotha shoulda been sick. 
Funny thing is they wasn't even after us,
They miss they target like lil boys miss the bus.
Shivers every night, I ain't gonn say I lived it all kuz I haven't,
All the things I needed parents made sure I had it
That's why I can’t complain, I have been so blessed.
Close my eyes and bow my head let god handle the rest.
Outside of prayer and exercise there are other ways that I deal,
I have learned to only buy what I need, and not to steal.

Playing video games and watching netflix is my release point,   

To me thats better than drinking forties and smokin a joint.
Where I come from, that is all that some men do,
Smoke weed, and shoot dice while sipping on brew.
"Young blood stay in school because you don't wanna be like me"
Whether I'm feeling motivated or lazy I get inspired by what I see.
Because they are right, I don't wanna be like them,
All they have to show is their scars, and stories about way back when.
So as my community boosts me forwards, and some of the others hold me back,
I fight to reach success, because I want to be on the top of the stack.
And like the last domino to touch, after that it all falls down,
But I can rebuild it all, because my seeds are planted in the ground.
I thank god that I’ve been rooted in God his temple is my safe place
The hometown was grimy & dirty, full of shame and disgrace
and people hate on you kuz you a different race,
all cause we competing for the same resources from the same place
And going to school away made me aware of my race
I feel that as a black Ive never been first, even when I set the pace
I came from the dirt so you can say my roots where in the soil, 
where I'm from ppl fight for their lives, while our troops fight for oil.
So to bring change to a place (the earth)
that needs it so desperately,
I make a pledge to the people to show the world the best of me 


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