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Rising with the sun starts my everyday Look out to the arena and see a mere Horses and boots are my life Ride everyday with no fear   I am constantly throwing hay Year after year
Addicted. Insecure. Lonely. Boring. My curtain hides me keeps me from being hurt again. It hides how lonely I am How much I crave touch But I'm too afraid to reach out for it.
"I'm fine." I smile as I reply,But really on the inside I am screaming, what a liar.I'm so unhappy I can barely breatheI numbly live my life, I can't feel anything.
Pure white porcelain 
              I write this now in the mist of darkness, captivated by the thoughts that have been longing to erupt.
A structure alone Of jointed bones With a thin layer Of mortal beauty Fair skin and dark eyes Fair heart and dark mind Oh I pray that this Is all there's to me
Inside of me, there is somebody.   It is me mentally, me behind the physical me.   He/She runs a circus.  An affair of all kinds.   He/She often comes out to play, when someone on the outside catches his/her eye.  
A child hides behind his mother’s strength, It seems his fear has grown to impossible lengths.  Day after day, the strangers keep passing,
The face in the mirror The face in my mind The face they all see and the face that I hide none of them real but none of them fake   Society is the door and I should be the window
A cloak, a hat, a mask, a belt, a vest—This costume that resignedly I woreWas tailored to delight my friends with poorReflections showing things that they liked best.
There is a road that I know. A road that none have traveled with me a road that dosen't seem to  exist  to Them.
If someone is in need, their guardian I will be. Need a hand? Your wish is my command. Is everything all right? You can tell me, do not be in fright. This smile I wear,
From the outside Just another robot Going through the motions Stuck behind this curtain Afraid to pull it back   I take a look around At all the other robots Going through the motions
Something won't let me open up. Maybe it's the looks of judgement from others that are really looks of envy.
That feeling of curiosity Mystery The girl who others knew always smiles and laughs
I can play pretend. I do it every day. I've gotten so good,
She stares at the soft carpet surrounding her.
I've learned to see my vices as my virtues. It prevents me from conforming to living the status quo.  My brutal honesty is not liked by many,
Hello and goodbye the same each day waiting for something new something different a sign that life can get better   I'll smile at you  but inside I'm screaming I'm not fine
Do I fancy myself as more of a Marvell when I watch her delicate hands search for the rubies in her mind’s Ganges?
No potential. Loser. Ugh, what a drama queen. These words are released, fatal as missiles. They aren’t meant for me, at least none that can be seen. The launchers have previously accepted my denials.  
Once upon a time Innocence existed Love caused clarity Kindness was a personal trait Magic fulflled our everyday desires And knights in shining armor slayed dragons
People often wonder, About the quiet girl sitting in the corner, Who hides her face behind a book, As she laughs something, But little do they know, She’s laughing at them.
I wake up and the messages are all around me they swirl and contradict "Be yourself" one says. Another tells me "thin is in" but I thought "big is beautiful"? In the end
I walk through the crowded city. A swirl of reds, blues, greens surround me. Yet I remain alone. They put on their masks and look for a mate – someone to complete them -
Gaze into my stormy, cloudy eyes And you will see that I am crying The tears of loss Sitting behind the curtain of lashes Trapped behind a perfect facade Of happy smiles
If you knew the person behind the curtain, You would know the real me. If you knew the person behind the curtain, You may not be so wiling to share. The person you see is open-minded.
This face is not merely cheek bones, and a pretty smile This face holds a mind whose knowledge runs for miles This face is much more than the impressions of time This face holds the eyes that have witnessed the climb
What do you look like? Where are you? How do I know it's you? Did I do it right? When do I show you off? Who do I show you off to?  
What's the reason for all this madness All these pensive thoughts And there's no reason for this sadness I feel as if the world is turning in my thoughts and my brain is the axis
I’m the type of womanWho wants to be lovedYet, turns away the friendWho would surrender everything.I’m the type of woman 
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