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Me: "O My Lord I know this life is a Journey And the paths here are Slippery Although I try to walk very Cautiously But the charms of world attract Me My heart desire all that is Fancy
Inside a huge hollow tree I must go and sleep Sleep very deep Just like a hibernating bear, Without any fear! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
Let me mend myself, my soul is wholly broken. Let me dig out my honour, someone just buried it deep. Let me reawaken my pride, I just can't let it sleep! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
I: "It's too hard to accept that you are gone." You: "But the fact is I've, how long this false hope you can keep on?" I: "It's too hard crying for you, to cease." You: "But you have to find an inner peace."
Dear departed soul Everyone's heart you stole With all those loving traits Can't find your replicate Penning down your quality Trying to describe your personality Dear Departed soul
(For my autistic, non-verbak son Hassan)
If we all are the jailbirds of others' espy I'm at large ,I don't care how they catch me! If their opinions try to contain us, I have set my self free, I don't care what they think of me! Saima Qureshi ©️
When I close my eyes I Envision the deep waters of the ocean Spreading it's arms across the sea Holding hands with distant waters From another country Never to break apart Brotherhood's one magistic bond
Thinking Thinking Always thinking The thoughts I sometimes don't even understand They change the way that you are to fix your ideas into neat little boxes For control For they
day and night I am always tired.   But at night I stay up just late enough Until I am exhausted enough Until I can fall into my bed And into immediate slumber.  
Alright that was tight but homie keep the mic on,
When life begins  And we start to look for who we are in the world we create ourselves this distorted image of perfection that society created for us   
it's not that i'm afraid of my mind, i’m afraid of what takes hold when i’m alone. the thoughts. they fight for their freedom. battle against the teeth that are their cells.
Sometimes what I think about isn't too profound. Other times I can't sleep for hours because my brain will not shut down.
Can I just be real with you today?Because there are just some things that I feel that I have to say.
When she walks she feels the stares  Wonders the thoughts of others as they glare Jealous girls Hormone raging boys Who all think they know themselves and what this world has to offer..
Yes. I am Cuban and Puerto Rican. Yes. I am Black. To deny either one would be to deny who I am and where I come from. Skin like Brown Sugar. Thick curly hair. Yes. I am a Black Latina.
Whenever I dream, I create some crazy things. The light bulb lights up.
If I could change The World i Would change our generation from being Vanity slaves to Vanity owners of inspiration, the found hope of
Hello You say I can't love Who I like   Well last time I checked I was Over eighteen   So spare me Your batshit Fuckery   Who are you Tellin' me
Things you don't expect to hear you listen to but don't gasp or screamAs though you expected it to happenThings you don't expect to see you watch but don't gasp or look in pityAs though you expected it to happen
It's called don't hate Everyone is Equal Respect is what's cool
She means more to me than what you will ever mean. We walk down the street hand in hand, Yes heads turn and a few comments are heard. Do they matter?  Does it bother us? Is it okay?
Teachers. There are times,when we forget that they're human too. But some of themjust know how to get on people's nerves.
Can you imagine living a tough childhood Watching your parents break a part Heart start aching and watching your world fall apart Everything you thought would never happen You witnessed right before your eyes
What do you want from me? A totured body? A broken soul?   What do you expect to happen? As you kick me down As you rip me apart   Tell Me!!!   What do you want to happen?
  Once I found...what I was looking for... it wasn't so hard. Once I knew... who I was... I was so much happier.  
I write poetry to escape from reality. This is busy world we live in, everyone needs a place to go to for comfort. Poetry is my comfort. I get my ideas out. My thoughts come flowing out. Allowing me to express my emotions and ideas.
a world where time is adjustable, a place where the unthinkable is comprehendable, where the soul resides with piercing emotions, hanging heavy along the heart but poetry is much more
Shivani comes from Shiva. I was named after the Hindu god of destruction. Isn't it ironic though, how I don't consider myself Hindu anymore? I don't know what or who I am. But maybe it fits.
It’s dark and glum. The sky’s entirely covered in gray clouds. And she’s waiting there. Waiting for it to explode.  For it to burst and for all her secrets, feelings and troubles to come pouring out.
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