I'm Sorry

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Regret as deep as the sea


A broken heart


A broken trust


A broken relationship.


“Time will fix everything.”


“All wounds mend with time.”


Not when you caused the wounds.


Not when you hurt someone


And broke their trust.


Not when you did it twice.


Regret for doing it,


Sorrow for the hurt you caused,


Anguish for the heart you broke,


Anguish for the trust you betrayed


Anguish for the relationship that could’ve been so much better,


So much happier.


If I could wipe the thought


Out of my head


Before it even entered,


I would.


No hesitation.


If I had,


Then I never would’ve done it.


If I could wipe it from my memory,


I would.


No hesitation.




If I could wipe it from history,


I would.


No hesitation AT ALL.


I wish it had never happened,


I wish those tears


Had remained unshed.


I wish that time spent crying,


Had been spent doing homework, or studying.


I wish I’d never had those feelings.


I wish I’d turned them in the right direction.


Then there wouldn’t have been so much hurt,


So much pain,


So many tears,


So many nights spent with her face


Buried in the pillow.


I wish I could take it all back.


I wish I could repair the barrier


Torn by my mistakes.


I wish I could . . .


But I can’t . . .


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry for the hurt I caused you.


I’m sorry for the pain I put you through


I’m sorry for the rift


I tore between us,


The trust,


That I shattered into a million pieces.


I’m sorry for everything.

I’m sorry.

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