Can I Just Be Real ?

Can I just be real with you today?Because there are just some things that I feel that I have to say. We are living In a world where I am supposed to be okay with being a bad BEE, and being a gardening tool is the thing to do, in a world where saggin’ is cool saggin backwards is how we are supposed address the hommies not being fully aware of the fact that the meaning is so demeaning yet we still do it, let’s be honest, our people are calling each other IGNORANT on a regular basis yet we wonder why we are expected to fail?


Can I just be real with you? Because the world around us can be so cruel nothing we do can ever satisfy this world we live in. If she wears her skirt above her knees she gets around If she wears them to her ankles she’s a prude If his pants sag a little low he’s a jail bird But if he pulls them up to his waist he’s not down?

Men out here singing “we don’t love these ____” and “these ____ ain’t loyal YET they will lay up with them because “good girls ain’t no fun” right? Females hollering they want a rough neck but when a man, man handles her He’s a triflin’ low-down dirty dog…

No means yes and more is less Because the more respect, education, and general common sense someone has The less attractive they are…Like I said never satisfied, and if you really want me to be real, I just wanna tell society to eat a snicker and leave me alone to be what I am destined to be.

I’m just trying to be real here Major accomplishments are being marked down like those shoes from last season And just like those shoe no one will be excited that you have them because to them, those last season shoes are irrelevant…

Our accomplishments are becoming irrelevant in this society and our short comings are billboard sized and instead of congratulations we are hearing well you could have done better…WHAT? What Kind of mess is that? I remember a time when every report card was hung on the refrigerator for all to see and the feeling of accomplishment was apparent but now we don’t even feel like having straight A’s is something to be proud of?

Are we that broken that graduating high school is our big huurahh and that’s it? No more dreams of going to a university? I refuse to believe it. Maybe it’s just me; maybe I’m the only one that can see. But all I know is that I had to fight all the things around me to get right to this spot, right here to speak on the things that I see my generation dealing with. A promotion is moving forward to bigger and better things because it ain’t always what it look like!


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