Thoughts and Aspirations

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 16:18 -- amuegge


Sometimes what I think about isn't too profound.

Other times I can't sleep for hours because my brain will not shut down.

A few days I think about my future, colleges, and a career

Which usually creates a dash of tention and a little bit of fear.

More than a few times I think about my mind-blowing God, 

Who blesses me everyday and protects me with His staff and rod.

I dream about what I wish to be and who I am today.

I hear catchy songs in the back of my mind, always there to stay.

I ponder upon the blessings of living in the United States

And the destructive issues in other countries, placed upon me like heavy weights.

I visit distant, strange places with visions in my head

Of sandy beaches, snow-topped mountains, different foods and foreign beds.

I wish to be apart of a life-changing generation

With open hearts, ready hands and pride for our nation.

To some, I'm a teenager with useless hopes and aspirations,

Or maybe I'm the the mind of the upcoming generations.







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