The Storm Inside Her


It’s dark and glum. The sky’s entirely covered in gray clouds. And she’s waiting there. Waiting for it to explode.  For it to burst and for all her secrets, feelings and troubles to come pouring out. Everyone will know how she feels then. The rain is falling harder and harder. Cleaning everything that ever wronged. It fades away the memories and washes away all her dreams. It’s windy and the lightning hits the ground out of impulse.It’s so quick and pretty, then all of a sudden its gone. She hears the aftermath of it too.The boom that makes everyone know she’s there. There’s hot air and it smells like summer. It shows freedom, power and persuasion. It’s strong and determined. It makes an impact on everyone and everything. She wants to get caught in the middle of it.She wants to be the storm.She is the storm.


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