Teachers.There are times,when



There are times,
when we forget that 
they're human too.

But some of them
just know how to 
get on people's nerves.

Some don't know
how to teach.
They try to,
but their explanations
make NO SENSE.

if feels like
a parrot
trying to teach a fish
how to climb


Some talk to the class
more about their social life
than actually
teaching the subject.

Some don't know
how to control the kids
Don't know
how to make
stupid idiots,

Our district,
we see them as the enemy.
An enemy
that tries to control us.

They once sent us
a substitute teacher.

She had short hair,
was a bit round,
high pitched,
and had the most
cheerful, bubbly attitude
I have ever seen.

She reminded me of
Dolores Umbridge.

We had her for 2 weeks.
And everything she taught us
was useless in my opinion. 

I know
that teachers are 
One of us.
But they can get on
our nerves.


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