America, The Forgotten?

When I close my eyes
I Envision the deep waters of the ocean
Spreading it's arms across the sea
Holding hands with distant waters
From another country
Never to break apart
Brotherhood's one magistic bond

When I breath in
I could smell the wide horizion
Of American vallies
Flourishing with yellow dasies
Dancing against the pure spring breeze
Warming the heart of a born native
As she gains the courage to say in rejoice
"This is my homeland, my blood bleeds here"

When I walk down the crowded streets
All I could see are warm greetings
As people in every corner
Man to woman
Woman to child
Exchange handshakes
Proudly saying , "Welcome to America!"
No man is a stranger to this part of the world
Our flag represents our hardships, dedication and pride
Holding the moto, "Land of the free, home of the brave"

Nor thus, we had forgotten..
As humanity can no longer comprehend
The true emotions that are kept inside

When I open my eyes all I could see
Are the once united bodies of water
Swaing seperatly in their own ways
As their hands turned into fists

When I hold my breath
I could smell the scent of filth
Deterioating across the vallies
As the pure air all of a sudden
Becomes contaminated with pollution
Posioning our lungs as we slowly start
To suffocate, forgetting about the enviroment
Forgetting about our health

When I run down the empty streets
I could see glass shattered on the road
Buildings set on flames
People pushing eachother as they move along
Ignoring their presence
And people moaning in greif
As they suffer a lost
A lost of trust
A lost of hope to an uncertain future

We have forgotten our compassion
Forgotten our sense of identity
Abandoned our brotherhood for good
As our country is being ran under politics
Being influenced by ignorance
We are no longer united
But a seperate country

Our waters no longer travel from sea to sea
Blooming yellow dasies turned into rust
Fresh spring breeze becomes a sin to inhale
Warm greetings turns into an outdated etiquette
And our once settle homeland became
Nothing but our own deathbeds

Brothers and sisters of the common lands
Today as one we shall stand in unision
Strive to be the country we used to be
To spread the word of brotherhood
Across land to land
For all to hear
Raise our flag high adove the clouds
For all to see
And to stand tall above all odds
For all generations to remember our worth

Although our country's fate is at question
And our faith has gone astray
Let us not forget who we are
And where we came from
Afterall this is our homeland
And here we bleed..

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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