Poetry Is My Escape

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 16:25 -- MariH

Can you imagine living a tough childhood

Watching your parents break a part

Heart start aching and watching your world fall apart

Everything you thought would never happen

You witnessed right before your eyes

As a young girl all you can do is cry

Everything became confusing and having no one to turn to

This is when I picked up a pen and paper

Where my heart was into

October 10, 2006 I remember the date

I still have my first written poems till this current day

Poetry is deeper than the words

It helped me start believing again

Writing gave me hope and inspiration too

I began to share my poems and it helped others too

Poetry kept me calm, nice, and kindhearted

Although I was facing hard times it got better

I began to smile again and find love in my heart

Without poetry I don't think I would've got through

If poetry could hear me I would say nothing but Thank You

I find hope, love, happiness, inspiration and a brighter day from writing

I write each day and love it more and more

Poetry is my heart and Writing is the deeper inner core

I write poetry because it is my escape

It opens my eyes to a brighter day

                                                                                    -Mariay Hamilton







Wow. I really feel your love for poetry through these words. I'm happy that you shared this with us! :)

Keep writing!

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