Black Latina

Yes. I am Cuban and Puerto Rican.
Yes. I am Black.
To deny either one would be to deny who I am and where I come from.
Skin like Brown Sugar. Thick curly hair.
Yes. I am a Black Latina.
Try to categories me. Try to define me.
But you’re the one that does not know your own history.
Am I less black because my grandparents came for Spanish speaking counties?
Am I less Latina because I have dark brown skin?
Do you know your history?
Black Latinos descendants from Africa
Who were sold and colonized by different countries and cultures.
To some I am not black or Latino enough,
Never fitting into they molded categories of self-identity.
I cannot. Will not. Choose to fit into your naïve mold of understanding
See I know who I am and where I came from.
Skin like brown sugar. Thick curly hair.
I am a Black Latina.


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