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Rich indulgences entertain rich feelings I don't want to spend without sentimental meaning   But I require food, and clothes upon my body So despite my beliefs, I buy all those things shoddy  
there’s nothing like a summer evening hair loose and feet bare dumb grins and happy stares the sun hits the air just so and the world glows
Shall we continue searching for the end of the rainbow? Or appreciate the majesty of the colored lines The pot of gold might change your financial situation But don't we learn more through difficult and arduous time?
You are beautiful just the way you are You are awesome the way you were created You are who you are Be yourself Be what you are meant to be You don't need to follow the crowd
She laid down in her light pink bed Her body of gold glowing a little less than usual. She cried sparkly tears, Blew her nose into pearly white tissues,
I had a smile to give you but I hesitated I waited until you looked away and then all the sudden my smile snuck out of the back door of my mind and then there was nothing I waited
Unmoved by tears Untouched by reason Without heart nor mind But welcoming of the vilest For they bring gifts of gold Triumphant is Trump.
There once was a person who was old, Who stole a leprechaun's pot of gold, So the latter kicked him hard And he flew across a yard, And then there's a wind that's very cold.
If magic was poetry He would be the pen that created the prose With sparking gold eyes And hair black as ravens wings Standing against an alabaster colored sky
Gold drips from your fingertips Performing the art of Kintsugi Beginning between the crooks and crannies That is beneath my superficial layers
how come no one knows the way you are inside  except for him and those 
Through her veins the venom ran Sweet, quiet Mary Ann   All she wanted was to be powerful and strong But sickening tones became of her swan song   Her eyes turned a golden, shining hue
As Heaven and Hell, I have no wealth.  My soul is rich, dear, Take my self. In place of thrones, I offer bones Superior to  Precious stones.  Unlike Gems and wreaths of gold,
I thought you wanted gold, Not silver, steel, or bronze. That's what I was told.   Oh, gold! That's worth a lot! All or nothing, not half For You, I was taught.  
A golden glow falls down from sky, And on my face and hands does lie, It warms my skin, but also soul, And heals my broken heart to whole.  
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away oh! How the church bells did chime, the day this child was born to his parents dismay.  
lyrically   let her try to emasculate gold dare him to evoke it   watch as they burn at the edges becoming glass figurines—hollow to hold the sunlight dance among the menagerie of light  
How complicated we are; never wanting to lose our luster, just to be malleable in the most devious of ways.   How selfish we are; not being able to burn to ashes,
B L I N D I see the way he looks at her He wants her He would brighten her The perfect two Oh, joy! Like they were matched Meant to be But, She's too blind!
Flecks of gold in An ocean of blue Too bad I drown Before I found The gold, or you.
We are always told We are worth our Weight in gold. And That's a sweet sentiment   But I don't think it's Genuine, and it implies That someone's worth is Definable by societal objects.
  I had power once Power to take anything from this wretched world and make it beautiful Gleaming like that liquid amber solidified It was granted to me Much like her heart could not be  
  Wrinkled edges and dog-eared pages, Smudges from the swift stroke of a careless hand ― Crispy remnants of a poem spaghetti-stained
I see her as she stares up at the skies  Beautiful, with crystal blue eyes She looked like a sunrise  extravagant and full of promise    To know her is a gift 
His kiss was of goldStaining her lips with the markOf innocence lost. His fingertips leftGilded prints, painted on herLovely face with care. Polished AdonisThough he was, the sun cannotShine on forever.
 I  have a gold heart I do I do I Have a gold heart I do They chip it away They do They do They chip it away They do But now I am saved I am I am
I remember when you walked into the room Your eyes touched mine, then flicked away without a second glance Honestly i didn't know anything could be so good Then you spoke and my world crashed and scattered
A facade. Gold plated, short lived.
  Such gallant knight  went down in flightsuccumbing to the shadow  lured to his death  by whisper's breathwhile seeking El Dorado.  Came the shade  within the glade
She once was a little flower Not knowing how to speak But when she did Something beautiful happened She became herself And learned from all her failures
A single light in the darkness That's what I seek to be Whatever flaws I have without There is a light preserved in me While others see the grim and harsh I still have faith in humanity
You were born.
I am not made up of DNA I am made up of gold. I am not made up of anything besides the strength I possess and precious metals Therefore nothing can break me down  
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
First the mud was dredged from the reeded river by the potter’s boy who slid his hands in the cool sludge and made his friends with the wet earth. In the studio, the inert mass waited to be yanked off in chunks, to be shaped by adroit hands – like...
#NOFILTER Bryan Carter   Filters cover up what is on the outside,
From the distance you are at, You see my muscle and my fat, But if you look into my eyes,  You will find a great surprise!   Ask me of the books I read,
i had a chance to share the joy that i had always known   and so i stood and raised them up and brought forth tears from stone   it's such a shame that they were shocked
 I am made of goldSupple and ripe I am embodied venusLike the seas I sway and pull in those who dare to indulge I am unstoppableA queen A goddess  Nothing more nothing less
Held in place by the light, we die happily, Wise in our time. The solid light suspends us, upends our minds
The tree laughs Children play below On a hot summer day so slow The tree is shade And the tree likes offering aid The tree smiles A couple look deeply into each other's souls
And everything I saw was beautiful;
The river flows backwards
A glostly shade haunts my dreams
The clouds have veins, at the end of the day, when the sun kisses the edges, and the purple spreads along the blue, dancing on the white
Para ustedes
Heavy sunshine sets the leaves aflame Until, by and by, it doth remain. But then it cools and remains no more
We were promised gold You ruined it on yourselves Now we fight for fame
Standing before you, An endangered soul. Mold with gold and once embodying the whole given. And now My Frail and lanky stature, stands before you  piercing every eye.
    I once knew a girl,
Depression is a widow's veil. A black, looming object..light and wispy, blowing with every change of the wind.  It's flowery design serves to hide the pain and agony that lies beneath. 
When I'm lonely like this I am missing you dear I thinnk of your face, but you dont miss me, thats clear   You made this fool's gold  feel like diamonds but now I'm a fool in the cold
Gold is God Worth more than us Blood and bone It's worth the loss
It's time to focus Lehne. Get in the racing mindset. Ports one foot in, and down. I sit and strap in as fast as I can Port oars across. Bow take a stroke. Weigh enough. Focus
You start from who you are; Sweet, innocent, and caring. people ask and you say you're ok but no one knows how you're truly faring.
It was him
From a distance much to great, He silently seals his fate. With a rush of the tide, He loses the feelings he tried to hide.   His head spins,
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
Words are unspoken, Things are not said, But everything she feels is stuck in her head. The sighs of a hurting, broken heart Her feelings inside tear her apart. Words that whisper, 
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
Broken bottles   lining the window seels where pictures should be where crosses should be liquor soaking in the walls yet not absorbing the blows   virbration from the seel decore
Illuminated minds And related kinds Elated to find gold  In the mind that's my mind Unrefined, unaligned  With mainstream views As I daydream of good news Brighter days, righter ways
The day it rained diamonds crowds flooded the streets, but riots broke out,  and all feel to their knees. Then mixed with the shine, came the dullness of blood.
You’re feeling insecure Don’t know what for You have everything That others dream for You are beautiful, strong, and pure
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
Mine eyes have seen the coming the comming of many things, But as things pass by my eyes they become many goings.   My feet know many back allies that have kept me off my trail.
She yells when she wantsRather, when seen fit.She treads on the flame that has just been lit. She soothes in time,Never loosing her tune.The tides retreat, but seldom the moon.
The home of a traveler Is not really a home, But more of a way of life. The home can be furnished nicely With a chipper mood and a broad smile. The furniture is all in place 
There's a place that you can go, a state of mind. Where you scrape the ultimate supreme, marking ink in the lobes of you brain.   Spun by emotion and directed by Hope,
lemon sweet magnolia sticky melting in the trees. wild abandon in a dark forest, sunlight slots on a soft, mossy floor. kisses without care. wet raindrops on soft skin, cooling hot blood.
Little leaf clinging to a tree So often teased  By a cool breeze  Fearing a freeze he'd never see. Left all alone, and still so green.
  Sometimes words whisper and sometimes they scream Some people grow in castles that gleam Some of us start much smaller than most Some of us learn that words leave a ghost
  The strive you have to have to do your dreams , While the dollar bill appears and disappears in your wallet, The scheme, yeah they get you , Raise you up then they forget you or have you forgot yourself?
The supernova is reaching it's arms out into the cosmos I am lucky to be the arrangement of it's chaos I wonder why I am here  Why are we all so self unaware? We all share the same air
The supernova is reaching it's arms out into the cosmos I am lucky to be the arrangement of it's chaos I wonder why I am here  Why are we all so self unaware? We all share the same air
Keep going, keep pushing; but in what direction? Everyone out here is trying to teach a lesson You can't teach those who have already been taught what you're trying to teach
Devin Weary Professor Poehlmann ENGLISH 1302-007 15 April 2013 Gold   How long can I wear this beautiful gold,
Scanning the ground since out of the nest, Exerting energy to nothing left, Eagle in the clouds swooping to engage, Capitilizing on opportunity on all preys, The mind is set fourth to be in success,
A golden picture in a silver frame, Colors blend and become the same. Memories mean more in the moment, Then later in time.
A brush of color through silvered night air, Paints a dragon’s false shape, starlit shining Majesty with which no one can compare. Aurous beast, streak through the wind like lightning
To look into your eyes is to see fire Set ablaze by the creator Himself. The way you gaze only takes me higher. I wish to keep you and those eyes myself. I look and fall into a pool of blue,
It took some time we looked around Thy treacherous gold spread around engulfed in soul with such grace fluid and clear we rode past caught in the moment treacherous fears
I Don't Know what you've been told... The TRUTH is that I'm Full of Gold and God has blessed my heart to be full of kindness... just look and see. I'm blessed beyond what you can see
Please excuse yourself from the table Your sanity is rudeness to the world War makes men crazy & Decisions make women insane Tattoo my names on your chest If you're not too punk to do it
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