She's Gold

She laid down in her light pink bed

Her body of gold glowing a little less than usual.

She cried sparkly tears,

Blew her nose into pearly white tissues,

And snuggled further into her soft pillows.


One thing she never could understand,

Is how others saw her.

Do they see mottled grey-black skin and

Slimy black hair that slithers around her body?

Do they feel darkness radiating out of her?

Or think she has an ice heart that seeps with evil?

Do they all silently run in fear,

And cringe in disgust when she walks by?


Or do they see the sunshine that pours out of her eyes,

Seeing the humanity she wishes to save?

Do they too see the moon’s rays still reflected in her hair?

They are the only starry diamonds you can find on her gold body.

Do they see the warmth and love she pours out of her heart?

And the eternal flame that rests in her soul?


You see,

If you zoomed in to her beautiful skin,

Looking closer at her intricacies,

She would look almost like a color-by-numbers.

Different shades of that yellow tone would become apparent,

And you would realize that she is more than just gold.

Because fire and honey dance across her skin.

She radiates the warmest of yellows and

Will never let darkness in.

Because she’s gold baby.

And willing to give herself greatly,

She’s the greatest prize no one can win.


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