I remember when you walked into the room

Your eyes touched mine, then flicked away without a second glance

Honestly i didn't know anything could be so good

Then you spoke and my world crashed and scattered

Gems spilled from your mouth, gold split across your lips

Your ideas and thoughts slapped me soflty, leaving my soul battered

You told stories of men and women, of gods and demons, of life and death

Intrigued I opened my mouth to speak, to mesmirize you with silver and diamonds

But all that spilled out was waste, and garbage and regret, leavig me shivering like an addict without meth.

Your eyes kissed mine again, you held your gaze a little longer, Was there hope?

Your eyes twitched away..No..not interested..nothing to say..nothing to add

I close my mouth, turn away and stare off into space.  Its the only way to cope.

Two days later.  There just a few feet away..say hey..just say hey.

"Um hi I think you are in my 8am..." We exchange names and greetings and bullshit

She doesnt remeber me.. doesnt remeber how our eyes high-fived..I guess thats OK.

"so Ill see you around"..wait!! ask her out to coffee..ask her to study..say anything!

"Um yeah see ya around"..I hear myself say...the wind sighs..the leaves chuckle

I was never good at praying.


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