let her try to emasculate gold

dare him to evoke it


watch as they burn at the edges

becoming glass figurines—hollow to hold the sunlight

dance among the menagerie of light


she speaks in whispers of rye

he moves in embers, leaving pieces of him to consume those he touches

her words are like Impulse—

only surviving in the moment, only lasting for an instant, but engraving the surrounding world for an eternity


When they are here they transcend all limits of time

Yet when night falls, they combust, their ashes cushioning the footsteps of those less extraordinary.

And the world is quiet for a while.


people fall in line, emotions turn monochromatic and things move, inhale, exhale, consume, wrong, right, tire, bore, kill, slow


then the world explodes

This poem is about: 
Our world


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