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My love for you is greater than all the stars in the galaxy.  Love so pure and true.  Love so perfect, you’re my best view. 
I encourage the writing of love- I do not deny this, but to be perfectly clear with you it is my opinion that some love stories shouldn't exist.   The stories of the extremely fragile soul
be careful what you wish for they say like propaganda vhs tapes plastered on the projector they would never know that i spent every day for years waiting for the clock to hit four ones
I want a future that is both yours and mine. I want to have dinner parties on the porch and drink wine while the twinkle lights shine.
When the windeth blows, it's ev'r so cold But nev'r as such within mine soul F'r thoust claim'd I'm dark withineth But I hast not commit'd sineth   Shall clouds rolleth in, I dear proclaim
It's you everyday. And I want you to know You mean the world to me The day that you stepped into my life  You changed it to something
“Taylor my sweet it’s been so long,  since we last spoke. I remember every word we said, including every little joke.”   “We all have really missed you,
We all want love. (Don't we?) SAY NO. To the hate. Discrimate. For goodness sake. We all want affection. (Don't We?) Show me that. Yes I will and everyday. We all want. Many things. (Don't We?)
I lay here as I think.. A dream, of another of me awake. I look up at the ceiling. Pictured. A smile on your warm face. How could I be so lucky, yet so foolish with my ways? I try to rest. To see another day.
The mind is powerful place, full of both the light and the dark. Light and dark. Dark and light. It became both my prison, day and night. Day and night. Night and day.
Staring out my window for the fourth night in a row I know I can’t do this anymore but I don’t know where else to go My mind is racing and every thought is about you
how can I be in love with you? I lay awake tonight coming up with an answer for you. I don’t want to believe that it’s true because it terrifies me, but how could I possibly deny it?
I look at you like you hold all the answers because for me, you do even to the questions I have yet to ask even to the ones i have yet to conjure
                    (Original Song By) Sza                     (Original Song Title) The Weekend                     (Remix By) YO'LOO                     (My Real Name) Yolanda Alfred
The ones so fearful of losing power so many centuries ago  Saw beautiful creatures times two, such a grand foe This is where it began, the treachery to split the souls in half
December Twenty-First Twenty Seventeen blessed I was that day to meet you, my love deep was my love, tragically unseen never thought itʼd be you I mourned of
You and I, Together we light up the sky.   You as the radiant sun, Burning bright and warming this skeptical heart. And I as the ever-faithful moon;
Though our earthly bodies have never met His soul gingerly caresses mine His aura has touched mine countless times We're always connected My heart chakra glows, hums A single cord of silver etheric energy
In a cold dark world Sitting alone You are my guiding star My awakening All my life the night sky Was painted black So when my eyes caught glimpse Of this cosmic light
I don't believe in omens I don't believe in signs Though our paths have crossed and Our fates seem to align. Am I in denial if "Coincidence!" I cry, Blind to unseen strings? Is chance a myth, a lie?
Forever in my mind Forever you is mine I remember when I met you Damn you really caught my eye I was standing there stuck as fuck
My life, my soul, my heart, my whole is claimed. As long as day precedes the night it's here. It plagues me, saves me from a worser fate. As long as night precedes the day it's near.  
When I have lied to myself and others for so long, It is hard to see who is wrong, We could lie to ourselves like we always do, But since I have had so much more pain to go through,
Two strangers are in line on a perfect day with a clear blue sky, One of them watches something beautiful looking towards the ground as it goes on by, Then he feels her turn around as she begins to realize,
I guess I mistook The reasons I have you And the reasons you have me We aren’t meant to fall in love Now Or ever I’m meant to be
If people were a solar system I would be the sun shining front and center in its glory My friends would be the stars cheering me on
Honestly, I don't think you exist. You're like a unicorn with your beauty abundance, majestic prescence, magical countenance - I'm not really good at this. I,
Dear Alexander,   It never would’ve worked out between us. That’s the thing I’ve learned about soulmates - sometimes it doesn’t work. And it hurts.
You said to me, "I feel like we've been good friends for a couple of years at least." Honey we haven't even known each other 1 year. You say you don't believe in soulmates, that everyone has  multiple.
Dear Mo,   If only I didn’t have to write this letter Or say these words Life would look a lot sweeter It would taste like the ripest mango we’ve ever shared   Yet here I am Here we are
What an interesting feat to recall What Hannah was composed of in January of 2017   What made her tick? What kept her going? Junior year was kicking her butt That memory remains
Love is like a poorly made bridge. It's not able to bear much weight, It collapses under pressure, And sometimes it's just really scary to face.
You’re different from anyone I have ever met, After all that I have done and the mistakes I’ve made, you’ve never left, You’re beyond special to me, partly because we were best friends first,
There's nothing better than feeling your hand in mine The warmth of your body creating massive heat against mine Getting quiet and hearing your heart beat next to mine Still getting nervous when we go out
Wow, he walks in the door,  My heart flutters as he give me our daily kiss,  He smells like safety and security,  His smell is one of the things I love most about him,  He has no idea how much I love him, 
There’s always a key. A key to one’s mind A key to one’s heart. A key to one’s soul. Locked away for same keepings, But thieves still slither this earth. Skilled thieves pick locks
At your kiss my sun arises.   At your touch my being scatters into a splay of vibrant color creating the most fantastic of sunsets.   The culprit of time preys after our youth,
We clicked the moment we first met, those eyes, the way you spoke, the emotions you evoked. Marie Curie couldnt create chemistry like ours; Georges Lemaitre would call it the big bang 2.0.
Author: Tangie Harris Title: Flowers Look out there, what do you see? Hopefully within that garden I see a particular flower for me. A handsome flower, with roots
My Heart,Love of my life.You give me enough strength.You always gave me enough support.My Rock.
Lonely on the inside Can't seem to find my way   Thought this time was suppose to be Time that I'd find me   Forget about what pushed me gone I let go, and I was done  
You see the world the way my eyes could never see it You bring light to darkness and find beauty where it is unseen The way your heart beats at the moment of my touch I am sorry, I won’t always mirror,
I can only remember two times my heart skipped a beat from loving someone.
This is not a love poem Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there isn’t love -because there is- This love just isn’t as easy
She’s always there for you Even on your worst days When they sky is cloudy and grey And your heart is heavy She always makes you laugh
My ambition was not to fall, I lost my balance when I saw, My attention was drawn, One look could do it all. You ask a question, I say I do. I felt like I was dying, I swear I had the flu.
Never. Never give up on me. I'm like a tree, budding in my love for thee First, I will not know For my limbs had not yet been free From their canopy of leaves Then when I do, I'll be uncertain,
And he dipped his hand In her dying sea And filled it with a galaxy Straight from his heart Undying, overflowing-ly
And in her sorrow, he brought joy In her emptiness, he spun life In her darkness, he called the sun In her heart, he rebuked her demons.
Upon waking up, my hand is empty Severely lacking fingers in mine.  Brushing my teeth I remember I dreamt he Had traced my warm cheeks blushed wine.  Dreams always crawl back in an convoluted knot
Nothing is for sure, yet emotions and affection almost define it all, it is you, to climb and fall, a mountainous path behind your braw, to doors that dance a timeless ball, opening for those your mind has flawed, and help again like binded laws,
The rain poured, and I stayed inside. Plenty of clouds, not a drop of light. Can't go outside, so I turn on a song Started feeling lonely before too long. Come on over, we can dance together.
I sit up at night with you on my mind... Minutes, hours, I lose track of time. Your beautiful face, your flawless skin I pray to be with you before my 'amen' Your smile can light a bright spark in this heart,
My greatest endeavor is your heart forever the love for you is no kind of pressure From the very fist date, I knew it was fate You, papi, are my forever soul mate.
I heard once of a wishing well
You told me you wanted me to choke on my last words to you.
Scientists claim you can hear even before you're born
When I picture you, I don't visualize your body, Because there are over a billion  People on this planet, and there  Are an infinite amount of chromosome Combinations that were used to make out
When the nights were dark and the clouds were gray My heart was broken and I couldn’t feel my legs Too many drugs had killed my brain   The stars had faded The hope was gone
One dreams not only of love but the idea that surronds it there is only warmth radiating there is no solitude the moment you move rom duality to unity one removes the ego to become one with your lover
I thought it would take years to find you,
Will I ever meet a soul as sweet as mine? To help me pass the time, That loves all of my being, From my head,
I wish he didn’t burn my brain and dent my soul, But oh it feels so good.
You are the part of me that was always there but couldn't wake up until your gentle spirit rustled me awake.   Suddenly, but smoothly,
To kiss you is to hear trumpets sound and feel the reverberation  propel throuhg my skin as my soul rejoices in meeting its other half
The first time I made you my hope, my soul cried, Loved one! And from there, I have not let you go, you're the reason for all my passions. With the love to the desired child, I’ve waited for you so patiently, waiting my whole life.
I hope to meet my soulmate soon. I hope he is perfect in every way for me. I hope he is openminded, funny, respectful and kind. I hope he will give me foot massages and cuddle with me on cold nights.
Watching the storm grow stronger, so do my emotions.  
I can't help but look at the beautiful things around me and feel like something's missing. I see a big home, wonderful treasures, and glamourous sentiments.
I could see the universe in your eyes, leaping through my body, dripping from my bones.   Your breath took mine away. As we got lost together in our infinite lust,
  Stars in the night-time sky
 Shining strong and bright
 Diamonds sparkling in my eye 
Fill my heart with light 

If only the world would stop and pause 
Gravity cease and nature's laws
The heart is a lonely hunter
Its better to wait... Better to wait because you keep your heart and mind safe. Its better to wait... So that your love it doesn't become tainted. Its better to wait...
I watch his eyes with a breaking heartMy life falls to peices when we are apart.My love for him kills me, like a cold, sharp knifeI'd give him my all, I'd give him my life.
Beauty came and beauty died, the beauty of our love inside, our hearts crying out with pain, please take my pain away.   Let me feel the pain, coming down like the rain,
Like walking into the wind, and you cant breathe.   like hearing the worst news of your life.   Missing a part of you, you never knew you had.   Thats what its like to love you.
They say soulmates are the ones youre supposed to end up with. The love of your life. What if soul mates are the ones that make your life a living hell? But can only make you think of happy times.
My life was like a kaleidoscope. My hand gripped your's as we walked through the art fair that late May day. Together. Just like the pieces of the kaleidoscope.
Hey there, my love Don't you know that you're my universe? You turn my world upside down I miss you so much it hurts. I love you in every way Don't ever think that it's not true
Kiss me Hug me Tell me you love me Where ever you are, Keep thinking of me. Feel me Touch me Tell me you want me Drive me crazy, Touching me softly. Your hair
Good morning and good night To you whose always let me down We're dancing apart in this twilight You're rising sun tares me down. I followed you into te haze Not realizing you never looked back
I love you are words That are spoken often between us. No matter how many times we say I love you We repeat those same three words.  
Everyone's looking for their someone, The one to make them whole. Everyone keeps wishing, To be a less lonely soul. You hope that person's out there, With all the love you need.
He has brown eyes. It is the most common color among my kind. It is difficult to compare that color to something picturesque. And that is how brown eyes are seen: not-as-beautiful. I have hazel eyes.
I am but a humble prince Looking for my Queen to complete me as king For I am weak without my missing rib And like a young Martin Luther said
(poems go here) Flower petals whirled inside her heart Sparks of electrifying hope surged through her veins The essence of love encased her body and radiated a glorifying heat
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