Soul Mate

I wish he didn’t burn my brain and dent my soul,

But oh it feels so good.

I must confess, he fucks up my whole thought process. 

From the top of my head to to the tip of my toes,

Only He knows, what I know, what they think they know.

How can one go from needing nothing to needing everything

Because that's what he is. 

& the buzz i get throughout my body from just the touch of our

fingertips, puts me at a bliss i never knew could exist.

My brain burns from disbelief that a single human being 

at times, could make it hard to breath.

& my soul dented

bent up

& broken.

Becauase he got in

vulnerable and open

Scared thats how he'd leave me.

instead he completed me 

He seen me 

as if we share heartbeats.  




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