A future with you

I want a future that is both yours and mine.

I want to have dinner parties on the porch and drink wine while the twinkle lights shine.

I want to go the mountain and sleep in my hammock. Stand on top of it and enjoy the panoramic.

I want to encounter a newt on a sunday hike, and find a name for her that i like.

I want lazy days and sunny rays.

I want short books and cozy nooks.

I want little eyes that look like yours and look like mine as well of course.

I want life changes and hard times rewarded by love that is blind.

I want the sun to rise and for me to say, I wouldn’t want my life any other way.

I want a cozy house with way too many plants. A growing kid whose outgrown her pants.

I want A hot steamy soup on a cold chill. A chilly lemonade while our neighbors grill.

I want A wall painted with crayons and a sidewalk with chalk. Early mornings listening to the birds talk.

I want a game night, a dance party. A dessert that is anything but hearty.

I want to jump into the lake. Always taking too many breaks.

I want a busy life filled with useless fun. I want to never stop my runs. 


But all I really need is you. You’re all i ever needed to help me through.


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