Shameful Love

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 10:21 -- kellham

I watch his eyes with a breaking heart
My life falls to peices when we are apart.

My love for him kills me, like a cold, sharp knife
I'd give him my all, I'd give him my life.

I shouldn't be in love with him, I can't let him see
I can't be with him, its just not right and he's not in love with me.

His pain is my pain, his smile I share
But knowing that I shouldn't love him is too much to bear.

I can't stand to see what we have fall apart
But I can't stand and watch him break my heart.

It shouldn't be like this, this love I cannot lose
But my soulmate I cannot chose.

My only wish is to end this game
My love for him shouldn't cause me this shame. 


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