Soul Mate


Will I ever meet a soul as sweet as mine?

To help me pass the time,

That loves all of my being,

From my head,

 all the way down to the tips of my toes,

who could see the worst of me,

and still proudly hold my hearts key,

Will someone ever care for me?

The way I dream,

To look at me like im the only girl to love,

And alwys shows me im cared about,

was proud that I was theirs,

And they, all mine,

Who’d shout their love for me from the rooftops,

And whisper it in my ear,

Be by my side every new year,

And promised to always hold me near,

Whose eyes I could seek safety in,

Even when I’ve known where they’ve been,

Someone to call my lover,

But also my best friend,

Who never failed to make me smile,

Even after quite awhile,

Who’d stay with me times got rough,

And cherished every second of the good,

Two lost souls,

Would Finally find their home,

Intertwined together,



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