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I want to exist in the real worldTo plant my rootsTo hear the life of summer dawns and dusksTo see the flowers growing through sidewalk cracksTo smell the passing waft of freshly cut grassI wish to be real
Mario's autism Always holds his brain captive I will find the cure
Beady black eyes stare at the egg Dark-feathered wings ruffle in anticipation The tree is silent And the nest is cold. But the crow will wait.  
Under a blanket on the floor of the basement It’s a fort I know but he didn’t say so   Our laptops look the same, but mine has a sticker
Feet ached as i hiked swollen eyes, tired mind carrying in a metal tin my words i swam through a river of my own agony gasping for relief  like a fish for water crawled up a river bank
Growing up it was hard To grow up you have to find that glow But in a world where everything has to be ‘normal’ Where do you go?   How to start?
silent   wont talk she just nods scared to speak up she wants to be heard but knows nobodys ever truly listening she tries to trust  but shes struggling
nobody understands me  it seems like sometimes im an alien  no matter how hard i try  something always get lost in translation whys it so hard for them to see we're really not all that different
layered shirts, cut- off jean shorts, and neon, knee- high socks. I was picked on. please include me.   “No, your annoying.”   what? is it my fault
10 years old is for cars  for tire swings, spelling bees, and candybars  10 years old is not for hospital lobbies not for scans of imperfect bodies  you’re different, but that’s fine, they said
Why don't you stand up, And address the class, since you're so keen On starting offhand conversations?   Austerity catapults into
When words come out of my mouth, they fall flat. Nobody listens.   When I pick up a pencil Or tap on some keys I have a voice that Swoops and dives Stops and starts
How can I rhyme the words in my head When my medication keeps my creativity dead It suppresses my mind and artistic creation Right and left brain have no correlation My inner child wants to frolick and play
What comes before the calming stormThan chaos, unfiltered, unfettered, noiseDay by day, night after unrelenting nightI am only clear unto myselfFor the ones, them and theyCan not understand, or is it won't?
In the chthonian cacophony of this Fast-paced world, that never stops, never halts Always turns, always runs, Coffee drinking, Not really thinking
I know it's been a while, so I figured its time I tell you my own story, Of a boy who grew fast and learned he had no need to worry...   This boy was me, a young individual
  day after day    i  try to communicate  yet i never seem to succeed  week after week  i try to meet expectations but never hit the mark  year after year      i fight with the school to get the help i need
   im trying  my hardest to keep my head up    but ive been pushing through as best i can        no matter how hard i  try  i cant seem to    make friends    it seems as though i'll never be able to communicate  
I still remember my birth Out of the womb and into the light With wing soaring through the Earth Looking up into the night With curious eyes in the stars   The journey begins with hope
  im sorry Yall probably wont ever see this but this needs said im sorryI know at times it appears otherwise but i love you all truly i always have
My nerves shatter does it really matter Everything's a blur It's too bright my stomach turns Closing my eyes i put my head in my heads and sounds you can't hear are driving me batty
Nothing seems to be going as planned No matter how hard I try it's never good enough Though i'm surrounded by people  it often feels as though i'm alone
My nerves shatter does it really matter Everything's a blur It's too bright my stomach turns Closing my eyes i put my head in my heads and sounds you can't hear are driving me batty
    autism is a spectrum disorder not a curable disease I overthink the simplest things often blowing them out of proportion
What is autism Is it simply choosing not to talk Is it just a spoiled child No It's not a disease No  it's a spectrum disorder Everything has to be a set way
"Hello." And just like that my world is spinning Don't you dare start smiling or grinning Don't try showing me any emotion, Emotion's a tidal wave, rolling off the ocean.
Sometimes my brain is not kind to me. It starts with the sounds around me. My teacher is talking. My classmates are whispering. I hear it all and it is so so loud.   Then, I stim. 
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who were building houses to live in. One pig made his house out of straw, one made his out of sticks, and the last one made his out of bricks.
I don’t quite fit in I don’t quite fit in at school At practice, at parties I asked why Now I know I’m on the spectrum
The life of a blue duck is a hard one. It weighs you down, More and more. The other ducks point and stare, Until you think you are the only one there.
I cannot write to you about love because as much as it is darling there are many other issues to eradicate, For instance my best friend was shoved in a closet for hours due to him humming. He couldn't control himself either,see that's what autism
I see the world! But not like you….. ‘You? How do you see the world? How does it differ from how I see it’ You ask. You see I have what some people call Autism.
Answer this for me. Please. Who says you HAVE to listen and care what others think about you? Who says you ARE different and not ‘normal’ because of what you wear?
Hello, I'm Jordan Gennero, these are my rhymes, now let's go This is my momentThis is my timeYeah I'm gonna show itThis was my grindI'm the last of my family and I'm gonna shine
This is what Autism looks like: A pretty girl with gap teeth and long brown hair Yelling to herself in different voices (Reciting memories, we think) -- A lively man who paces and moves his whole frame
To my autistic brother: The older I get the more I reflect on the past and think about the problems we all had growing up so fast
The alarm goes off and he jumps out of bed,with a cheery smile he says "Good morning",excited already for the day ahead,while in the shower he loves to sing. He's eager to get dressed and take his medication,already excited he's full of nervous en
Listen Perhaps I will never speak the same as you Perhaps my sign is not enough for you But that doesn’t mean I cannot communicate   Listen
I am not Autistic and Dyslexic. The doctor said, he said it was okay but my friends, my friends stayed away. Our mother, our mother stayed but has ever since faded, faded away.  
Autism is a mystery Our society does only what it can unconditionally Our society, America is just as autistic as I am America did'nt realize the purpose of Vietnam
I could tell you of my longings, but first you need details. Asperger's Syndrome is within me, a disorder from which I ail. I loathe it not, take my word, though water I do bail.
  His autism does not define him. He is defined by his individuality and singularity as a unique life Take the time to acknowledge his intellect
I am a little off never quite fitting in mildly autistic a little bit artistic my childhood acidic. I am young the first time I say I wanna die.
I don't know what "empathy" is. I don't know what "feelings" are. I don't know what gives.   I read people and expression The same way I read books: Analytical and critical perception.  
Anxious about being
Through my own special needs I have been able To perform good deeds Because of my life As a musician I can now live For God in submission   Through years of therapy
Can you drive? Can you go to public school? Can you learn how to play guitar? Can you read a book?
They don’t see it. 
Autism is Awesome Autism brings negativity and ignites your creativity Autism can bring you down and Autism can lift you up Autism brings challenges but Autism creates hard work
He inspires awe.   The slam of his hands against his own thighs, against the couch,
People define you because you are 1 in 68 You are so different yet unique  You coming into my life was complete fate
Dear Autism Speakes,           Do you realize how little you help?           Do you realize the pain you cause?                         Do you really think electric shock therapy is ok to use on children?
They laugh. I cry. They joke. I sigh. Their words of hate. flowing out of their mouths, funneling into my ears, breaking my heart. I may be autistic but that doesn't mean
  Another world inside of me That no one else will ever see Mostly it is comforting But in the dark where no one sees It's actually quite lonely..
When I was 3 years old a do
I hate the word disorder and they say that's the best way to describe it; as if you were a book from their shelf taken out of alphabetical order 
Some consider it an encumbrance But I use it as motivation There is no reason to have frustration As I grind I know my life is limitless My brother knows my success is imminent During any given situation
The chips weren't in his favor, Few thought he'd succeed. A society that sweeps people like him under the mat. He may not know exactly why, He just knows he has to work harder. He loves the way he is,
Little brother,once you asked me,why often you could not quell the urgeto leap, quiver, shake,crash upon the earth and rise again,body shaking to the beatof an unheard, forgotten hymn.
So you think you're a tough guy?Beating on the weakThat sting in your knuckles echoed by a life timeIs what you createAn artist of despair
There is so much to say in the world, Ways to express yourself or someone else or something else, But I can't. I can think it, it's all in my head I just can't speak it, Say the words. I can't.
In honor of ________ who brought an autistic boy into her home just because she loved him.   A little boy almost four, looks up to me. Riding his trike in circles around a tree. Dimples displaying his inner melody.
You are my inspiration
It looks like he has his own world. I like to think he dances with the things he must see. He bounces constantly, he’s like a small bird Stuck on the ground. He draws through the air and tells us stories.
The days that go by Day in and day out. My words would cry Don’t hurt me, don’t shout. The loudness of everyone roars in my tiny little ears,  Where I want to hear silence And my mind to be clear.
Siblings have always butted heads.They fight, cuss, and cry.They bring out the worst in one another,but not Daniel and I.
According to the United States Census Bureau there are over 35 million U.S citizens that speak Spanish at home.
Two eight-year-old boys meet. One of ebony skin, One of cream. After hours of frog-catching at the park, Their fathers see, and take them apart. Why can't we be friends?  
  i do not have sunken eyes nor do kitchen knives at midnight sink deep into skin only to rise sometimes my limbs shake without any breeze but never with the accompanying screams
She is innocent and sweet A joy to everyone we meet Wish I could see the world though her eyes   When we sing and when play She brightens up my darkest days I try to see the world through her eyes
My mom said that being an Autistic is being something special But what she doesn't know is that it can also be stressful   Knowing that I can’t say things right Or even fight my own fights
Puzzle pieces fit in many different ways Some go this way, some go that way This world is one big puzzle, beautiful, and incomplete; Your edges are frayed And your corners are bent
The boy with colored eyes The boy with pale skin The boy with a cute smile The boy who makes me grin The boy who's really tall The boy who loves to run The boy who never stops going
Being an aspie can be a source of misery or a source of pride, it’s all in the bearer’s perception. “What’s an aspie?” you might ask. It’s a term for someone who bears the rigorous condition of aspergers.
We are voiceless. Our feet are turned to iron. We're lobbed into a torrential river Of expectations. Ideals. They say, “The perfect child is ours. “No flaws here.
The smiles he gives Are the greatest things to see In his heart I know theres a place for me. Tallness takes over With big feet at the bottom He's a white tan Like cool fall leaves in Autumn.
The expectations bearing down on me, People taking such wagers too seriously, They continue to beat my mind with a stick, But they don't what it's like to be Autistic, Living in a sea of familiar foreigners,
The whispers were always there Freak Ever since they realized he was different. Weirdo For years, I just let it happen Let them talk Let them call him all those things. Moron Creep
Don’t call him weird You’ll crush him Don’t call him “special” He’ll be suspicious Don’t baby him Dumb it down, make it easier He can see right through you Even if he won’t say so  
“I can’t, I have work after school” “Oh, where do you work?” “Remember I told you? I help that little boy with Autism” “Oh yeah. Man, that’s going to look so good on college applications”  
Struggling to be understood Communication with no voice Assuming he's not making the right choice His body a prison, his mind a saint Can't escape Blood- boiling desire, useless dreams
This sweet child of mine The joys, the tears, the time Words can not define This sweet child of mine   Every milestone he completes Can often follow with some defeat
16 Years side by side separated by a wall. You're my brother, my parents greatest illusion. Since you were born we saw your first steps, we heard your first cry. You had such joy and we saw you with such admire.
I watch him flapping, tapping like a bird who tries but can't flyI hold him in my arms and pray that he will get byHe is different, but with help from ushe will be understood. Anxiety takes over and I stand there watching, waiting for his tantrum
There is a special one out there and he's not like the rest; He enjoys running around non-stop as fast as he can He will even run into walls not because he doesn't understand, but just so he can feel the sensation
There is a certain blankness in your stare one that is so deep, and true It seems you're the only one who cares. I'd like to say you're diffrent, but you're beyond that hold me don't let me go hold me?
Sword held aloft Shield black as coal Eyes set ablaze See through to your soul Forward he strides Fate in his hand Now is his hour He comes to a stand Unholy power he wields
My mother would ask me if there was anything wrong with my brother.Did he act differently than other children?How would I know?I grew up with him. He wasn't different because he was himself.
Was Steve Jobs Autistic? Most do not think so, But he told the world to "Think Different." Some of us literally do.
Stuck inside Not trying to hide No where to go You’ll never really know The people stare And give a glare When I spin around And fall to the ground Stop judging me Just let me be I have Autism.
In my younger days I was throwing fits. From scream to scream, To kick to kick. My disability defined me As an outside child. Even though my words were clear, For them they were not very loud.
Bruises all over me And my body is very weak I can barely move My mind is twisting in circles What is there to do? Would anybody believe my story?
The dark sky is filled with strange dark clouds Every night it’s hard for me to sleep Dreaming of being attacked Makes me not want to eat I can hear the bully calling my name
It keeps her heart sweet, her mind pure, But they still are unable to find a cure. While others wont keep her feelings in mind, She gives them love of a different kind.
Do I have Autism? Or does Autism have me? Life is scary. Most people know it is, But they just know how to function. I have to learn how, every day.
Dana never could remember what was proper to say His only concern ever was to make someone's day. So when Dana saw a girl, as lonely as could be, He walked up to that girl, and that girl was me.
Does it make you feel better to hurt me with your words? Does it help your self-esteem to put me in a world of hurt?
Unable to learn "properly" Unable to communicate "properly" People think it means they are stupid Or retarded is the word used Most often nowadays They think these people Will never be able to
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