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How can I rhyme the words in my head

When my medication keeps my creativity dead

It suppresses my mind and artistic creation

Right and left brain have no correlation

My inner child wants to frolick and play

but is caged and imprisoned until the end of the day

Once its worn off and my brain may run free

wise yet youthful like an old oak tree

I begin to understand my emotions again

but my mind has derailed like a crashed freight train

It's alright I say, there's always tomorrow

my time isn't taken, I simply borrow

At least I can work and study well

trapped in my mind like a turtles shell

I used to be sad, quiet, oppressed

my family and friends thought I was depressed

and to some degree what they said was true

That's the 'me' I showed all of you

but I was more, you see, quite a nice guy

who wasn't too cool or manly to cry

willing to fail for everyone's sake

Life is for fun and I make mistakes

Sometimes I trust others too much

Cause mum, the divorce and such

I think cheating is the greatest sin

Nothing about it is close to a win

It ruins lives, for yourself and others

think of your partner sad, distraught mothers

Or the aggression that should come from the father

Think for a second, which would you rather?


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